VP of Intellicom Group in Kenya, Willy Aoll

Let me introduce you to a friend in VoIP and wireless business in Kenya via his answers to a survey I sent out to many on Linkedin ... Willy Aoll, VP of Intellicom Group.

1) Question: Do you have any experience with using any kind of voice over internet? How about Skype? Any other?

Answer: Suzie, I not only use VOIP, I sell IP Telephony and Broadband Telephony [Voice Over Broadband (VoBB)].In addition I'm Cisco & Avaya Certified. I have deployed several Unified Communication Solutions to Mobile Network Operators, WISPs and Enterprises. Yes,I use Skype [willy.aoll] and I have just included in my Skype contact list. 

2) Question: Do you use Facebook or other social networking sites for business?

Answer: Yes, I use Facebook and have sent you a message requesting you to send me an INVITE.

3) Question: Do you use Twitter? If yes, let's follow each other there. I am @suzannebowen.  

Answer: Yes, I'm on Twitter. Hit me on 
http://twitter.com/willyaoll, and I'll hit the follow button shortly! 

4) Question:  What do you think makes an excellent salesperson?

Answer: An excellent salesperson is in an extremely good listener, he/she empathizes with the prospect and sells solutions not products. I sell solutions and I influence the sales deal(s). An excellent salesperson knows when and how to knock on that closed door, overcome objections and reach the top buying officer without distractions! The excellent salesperson is a self-motivator, influences outcomes and ever energetic, resilient and stays focused. That is how I have managed to be honored by Marquis Who's Who in the World 2011 [28th Edition]. 

5) Question: How, in your opinion, do mobile phones and wireless Internet help anyone with anything in life, whether in the East, West, developed nation, emerging one ...

Answer: Mobile Phones, Internet and Wireless Technologies have revolutionized the way we communicate...whether in the developed or emerging markets, businesses and persons need to communicate.In business, communication is Key..the Internet has made the world a global village! Gone are the days of 'snail mail' which could take ages and disrupt mission critical business operations. 

Mobile Phones have become a lifestyle....Mobile Operators have gone beyond offering the traditional Voice Solution to offering Data Solutions...the battle is in Value Added Services [VAS]. The Internet being the 'network of networks' has revolutinized the way we do business and interaction ....speed is key.. 

In mobile telephony, the future is in Mobile Internet and Mobile TV...which have pushed Operators to now improve infrastructures and increase bandwidth to accomodate the additional traffic...that's a topic for another day. 

6) Question: What is most important to you in your career, personal/social life and goals?

Answer: In my career, personal/social life what matters most is growth and ability to bond with people...in few words I value relationships. My goals, actions & aspirations are embodied in SIX key values: Fear of GOD; Integrity; Mutual Respect for Humanity; Hardwork; Loyalty and Love. Everything I do, has become, will be, has been and will continue to be shaped by these SIX values! 

Suzie, please feel free to ask any additional Qs. 

Willy Aoll
VP Marketing & Sales, AFRICA at Intellicom Group - Intellicom Group Inc 

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