You, the VIP, Meet Up at ITEXPO on Peering

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You, the VIP, Meet Up at ITEXPO on Peering

What serves as the basis of the lightning speed shift to Internet protocol in communications? Which elements, technologies, practices, and standards of providers are a part of this change? What behaviors and needs of users are the drivers? 

Find out at the VIPeering Conference on October 5, 2010 at the Los Angeles, Convention Center during ITEXPO West.

Peering helps us all (providers, smbs, other organizations, and individuals) to stay more effectively in touch and in business with our VIP (very important people.)

Meet with vendors and providers who want to hear your goals and share ways to accomplish them. Take away premier education and ideas that will help you examine the technologies, practices and standards for Internet protocol-based voice interconnects and peering in both the VIPeering conference sessions and in the exhibits.

Join us and learn how to keep pace with consumer and business demand for end to end advanced IP communication services. That is exactly why you should make plans to attend. (Register today -

8:30am : 9:15am  Business Models for Successful Peering
with Jim Dalton CEO -TransNexus
Mykola Konrad Director, Enterprise Solutions -Sonus Networks
Steve Musick Product Marketing -GENBAND
Sean Kent Director of Product Management -Transaction Network Services (TNSI)

9:30am : 10:15am Apps & Numbers: How e.164 Numbers are Enabling New Communications Services
with Bryan Hertz CEO -Telcentris (creator of Voxox)
Richard Shockey Chairman -SIP Forum
Suzanne Bowen Vice-President -DIDX
Rod Ullens Co-Founder & CEO -Voxbone

10:30am - 11:15am    Carrier ENUM in LNP and Interconnection
with Doug Davis CTO -HyperCube
Doug Ranalli CTO -NetNumber
Mark Benisz VP America's -XConnect
Ian Campbell Director of IP Engineering and Product Development Development -Arbinet

11:30am - 12:15am Minutes Merchants: Peering from Arbitrage to Outsourcing
with Ian Campbell Director of IP Engineering and Product Development Development -Arbinet
Charles Studt Vice President of Product Management -IntelePeer
Matt Bramson Chief Sales Officer -InPhonex
Micah Singer CEO -VoIP Logic

1:15pm - 2:00pm Multimedia Services - Peering Video Telephony and HD Voice
with Scott Wharton CEO -Vidtel
Alan Percy Director, Market Development -AudioCodes
Mark Benisz VP America's -XConnect

2:15pm - 3 pm Endgames for IP Interconnection
Carlos Da Silva -Orange & i3Forum
Kevin Mitchell Director, Solutions Marketing -Acme Packet
Richard Shockey Chairman -SIP Forum

View the VIPeering Conference Agenda:

Come to the VIPeering Conference and hear about both traditional lines of business, emerging opportunities, and hybrids to provide channel partners with a perspective on how to adapt, what to sell and how to sell it.

As the industry gathers in Los Angeles this October at the VIPeering Conference, they will source cost effective solutions, make plans to boost notable productivity and discover new business opportunities.

Register Today ( Frank Coppola at 203.852.6800 Ext. 131 with any questions or to register over the phone. You can also email him at

When you arrive at VIPeering and in the exhibit hall, be sure to visit the sponsors listed below and the speakers listed above:
Gold Sponsors: Acme Packets

Some interesting peering sites of information:

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