4G World Goes to China April 2011

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4G World Goes to China April 2011

Heard of 4G World? 2011's event was held Oct. 18-21 at McCormick Place in Chicago. It attracted over 10,000 registered attendees and more than 250 sponsors* (including our company's DIDXhange), and had over 150 exhibitors.

Mobile operators, MVNOs, M2M service providers, and all companies and individuals with an interest in global broadband connectivity products, services, issues and collaborations ... should attend.

So popular now that is going to China in 2011, as well as its annual venue in Chicago. 4G World China 2011, which will be hosted by T&S International Commerce & Cultural Development Center in Chengdu on April 27-29, 2011. You can connect now with others who are participating on Linkedin and Facebook. Register to sponsor, exhibit, present or participate in other ways at 4G World site.

*The complete list of sponsors is at http://4gworld.com/sponsors-partners/media-sponsors/, http://4gworld.com/sponsors-partners/association-sponsors/, http://4gworld.com/sponsors-partners/analyst-sponsors/, and http://4gworld.com/sponsors-partners/corporate-sponsors/.

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