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[11:12:18 AM]Hi James. Do you have a moment? I have a friend who will be traveling through Europe on business for about a month.

[11:12:58 AM] James Body: Did you know that I was in Florida last week?

[11:13:32 AM] James Body: Truphone has TWO different offerings:

[11:14:00 AM] James Body:  - Truphone VoIP (moble apps on smartphones that do SIP VoIP over WiFi and/or 3G data)

[11:14:47 AM] James Body:  - Truphone Local Anywhere - a multi-IMSI SIM which morphs as you travel between different countries in order that you are always 'local'

[11:15:01 AM] James Body: The two can work together

[11:15:55 AM] James Body: I did check Google maps to see how far away Pensacola was from where I was - but it was a horribly long way

[11:16:16 AM] James Body: Florida is just a bit bigger than England!

[11:17:23 AM] Suzanne Bowen: So he has a Flipphone. Shouldn't he get something different while he is there?

[11:17:46 AM] James Body: I have no idea what a Flipphone is....

[11:17:47 AM] Suzanne Bowen: Yes, Florida could be a nation all on its own. It took me 18 hours to drive from Pensacola to Keywest once.

[11:17:57 AM] James Body: I was in Tampa

[11:18:11 AM] Suzanne Bowen: What is the best phone in your opinion for traveling in Europe and using Truphone?

[11:18:19 AM] James Body: Probably good to get a cheap GSM travelphone

[11:18:30 AM] James Body: Something like a Nokia 1661

[11:18:48 AM] James Body: They can be bought here in UK for GBP 0.90 !

[11:19:01 AM] James Body: Complete with headset and charger

[11:19:19 AM] James Body: They even have an FM radio and a built in flashlight!

[11:20:41 AM] James Body: - price has gone up this week

[11:20:51 AM] James Body: They now cost GBP 4.95

[11:21:03 AM] James Body: (cash)

[11:22:08 AM] James Body: They come with no network lock - so you can drop in any SIM´╗┐

[11:22:59 AM] I like Symbian phones. My phone of all time was my old Nokia E61i. Thanks, James, for the advice. From me and Michael: y'all don't be strangers next time. Call when you're in Florida.

BTW, have you ever seen James give a presentation of cell phones and what to use in any given situation, place, and time? He's an entertaining and informative speaker. Check his SlideShare on Mobile Phones and openSER (now gone Kamailio).
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