Let's Make Cloud Communications Clear

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Let's Make Cloud Communications Clear

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Not long ago, I interviewed Raju of Zohocorp in which he explained in easy to understand terms what is cloud computing. (He was preparing to be a keynote speaking at a Cloud Computing Summit in Hong Kong. He shared the difference between cloud computing and software as a service and explained how his company serves needs of SMBs.) Cloud communications is one area of cloud computing.

Let's learn the fundamentals of cloud-based communications business models, and deployment strategies among industry experts and friends. This business model can reduce burdens of your support teams and help them to use efforts in more crucial tasks such as customer interaction. It also decreases overall cost of ownership for critical systems. Learn more about it at the Cloud Communications Summit during ITEXPO East Feb. 2-4, 2011 in Miami Beach, Florida.

Businesses will learn and see how to apply the value of integrating and leveraging cloud based communications applications. Come learn process enhancement techniques and discover network-based communications interfaces and architectures.

Walk Away from Miami with Knowledge to Succeed in the New Cloud World! 
The Cloud Communications Summit Program includes sessions like:
Cloud Communications: A Beginner's Guide
SMB Cloud Communications: What's Hot and What's Not?
Increasing Profits with Cloud Communications
Mobile Clouds - Where Cloud Communications and Mobile Intersect
The Business of Cloud Communications: A Cloud Comm Business Leader Roundtable
Dark Clouds: Can you trust the cloud? Latency, Security and Availability
Will the cloud kill the PBX? Or will it kill the channel?
And More!

Register now to attend the Cloud Communications Summit. Feel free to contact Frank Coppola at FCoppola@tmcnet.com or 1-203-852-6800 x131.

(I'll be at ITEXPO, hopefully giving a fresh presentation where I involve the audience on peering, social networking for business, etc. Our DIDXchange has a booth, too. Hope to see you there fully participating too.)
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