Techistan-sponsored SIP Survey of IP Communications' Companies Results by Graham Francis

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Techistan-sponsored SIP Survey of IP Communications' Companies Results by Graham Francis

Most Popular and Specific SIP Problems

Hot results of Techistan-sponsored, DIDX-inspired @MrSip's professional, neutral and fair, well-prepared and executed The SIP School SIP Survey is out and published! The data was gathered online and face to face ... before, during and after Enterprise Connect, a conference held in March 2011 in Orlando.

One UK CEO stated, "I have a contact in a large service provider company that has told me, he's never been so busy taking SIP Trunks out of customer sites and replacing them with ISDN lines."


"We've seen similar results - basically "across the board" issues from codecs to NAT traversal issues. Call transfer and faxes are the two big surprises too. We even ran into an end-user that cut over to SIP trunks and then when he had fax issues and called his carrier for help, they told him they don't support fax. You can imagine what that call was like," says Alan Percy, Director, Business Development at AudioCodes, Inc.

"Yes ... We have mandated all our field Sales Engineers achieve SIP Certification," Mark Rawlyk of Avaya answers in response to the survey.

"It appears that many of the issues are human-related and due to uneducated techies and probably a lack of good documentation by the vendors and publishers.

The SIP Survey conducted by Graham Francis, CEO of The SIP School, includes quotes from @sonusnet's , @sipforum's Mark Robins@audiocodes's Alan Percy, @broadvox @SIPtrunkingInfo's Steven Johnson, @Mitel's Michael Craig@Avaya's Mark Rawlyk,  @SNGroup's Lisa Pierce, Delphi, Inc.'s Gary Audin, and @Level3's Mike Uttely is in three parts. 

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:
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