You Even Taught Scareware to Repent and Secure the Internet

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You Even Taught Scareware to Repent and Secure the Internet

Sometimes you and I just have to take time out to think, create and play a little. Here's the script:

Your video is so viral,

Millions of Memes have recommended it.

Years ago, you built a virtual city.

Now, more than 6 million Second Lifers live and work there.

You have the only startup to ace the Elevator Speech exam.

Every time you create a gadget,

Engadget is there to review.

Your legacy is ahead of you, as Droid may be ahead of Apple.

You should be the Female or maybe Male Entrepreneur of the universe.

You have taught scareware to repent and to now secure the Internet.

Everyone loved your Mr. Spock mobile wallet during a Star Trek convention.

Of course, it didn’t hurt you that you made this video mentioning both.

You are one of the Techistan International Award Winners of the world.

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