Outside of Your Box at CommunicAsia with Successful Systems like Joget Workflow

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Outside of Your Box at CommunicAsia with Successful Systems like Joget Workflow

Tien Soon. Law is the co-founder of Joget Workflow, an open source workflow managment system that is simple to use, with no license fees, and it supports many of mobile platforms even. He spemcializes in technical consulting. The group started this project about 19 months ago. He and we will be at CommunicAsia 2011 along with Nokia and 100s of exhibitors and 1000s of other types of participants. Tien Soon's enthusiasm and passion about this system is what led me to ask him for an interview.

Some of the most interesting quotes and a summary from the podcast interview with Tien Soon ...

Listen to the audio podcast or download it to your device from: http://www.didx.net/podcast/?p=episode&name=2011-06-08_jogetworkflow.mp3.

1. "The ideal thing is for people to pay for what they need as is needed in services by users instead of paying up front before knowing what the user really needs."

2. "We had always been into the proprietary software that we developed for ourselves and for enterprise markets in early 2000 after the dotcom bubble ... Later we realized why not get into  BPM and open source workflow ... a project came in by a well-known company that we cannot name."

1. Joget Workflow v2 - Workflow Management Console.jpg

3.  He does a great job explaining the difference between proprietary and open sources, naming examples and how they work. This may seem like a silly topic, but our podcast channel is designed to educate as well as to showcase innovation.

4. "The main difference between proprietary and open source is not who is better, but instead, on the licensing model. Open source, as we know, has no license cost. This brings down implementation cost ... in the past people just accepted to pay for proprietary licenses. There are actually right now many open source opportunities available which meet the same objective even in the sectors of multi-media recording. We have an alternative at a lower cost. Pay for what you need for services you do need and not paying up front for what you may not need."

5. Tien Soon describes the people and organizations who stand to benefit the most from Joget Workflow.

6. "Our focus is on the niche of simplicity because for example, BPM (Business Project Managements ... see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Business_process_management ) software has always been a very complicated software ... For those who do not have programming skills, but are able to implement process and to automate it. These are the people that Joget is looking for. System integrators are a good example."

From Steve Cayona

7. Tien Soon explains Joget Workflow's partner programs, and how each fits different types of people and organizations.

"Let's say that a person is interested in Joget Workflow, and they reside in China, but because of his command of language, he is more comfortable speaking Mandarin ... he will be more comfortable in calling the reseller in China to inquire for services. It is a competitive edge for us when we find ISV, Accredited or OEM Partners for potential users," is the gist of Tien Soon's comments here. 

"Also, maybe a company would like to embed Joget Workflow into their solutions or their products. We release the code as open source. This is the typical company who can opt to become an OEM partner. We have a partner in Thailand who adopted Joget Workflow with OEM licensing. In Thailand, English is not a popular language, and the people there, know that this company ... being in Thailand itself is able to provide dedicated support to the customers in Thailand. He rebranded Joget Workflow ...," Tien Soon further states.

Joget Workflow's Tien Soon just returned from a trip to large Saudi Arabian construction company who has more than 10,000 employees on each of their construction projects ... one of their newest partners. They are using Joget's process automation for important projects.

8. So what about trends, what is hot now?

Tien Soon shares, "Are you talking about tends in investing? Much of this has to do with social media. I think that the loyalty and location-based services will be a lot of th potential at the moment. We are talking about Web 2 which is about collecting user details. It's about getting users' engagement to interact with services and to use and contribute the data into the services."

But ... it will grow, and the data will get more useful. The next thing is how do we make sense of the data available from different sources. The next trend is to make sense of the data. These silos in terms of social media .. yeah!" He continues.

Also noted on their website, "sign up online for FREE (subject to verification and approval by Joget Workflow) for their partner program at http://www.joget.org/partners. See their growing list of partners at http://www.joget.org/partners/partners-listing. 

9. The entrepreneur and developer next ... shares names of big clients his company has served as well as how the project is compatible with mobile platforms and their partner programs. 

Listen to the podcast for complete knowledge of Joget Workflow. Tien Soon will be at CommunicAsia. So will we! We hope to meet as many of the listeners there. Visit http://www.joget.org, http://www.communicasia.com, http://www.linkedin.com/in/suzannebowen and http://my.linkedin.com/in/tiensoon.

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