Women in Telecom Thank 360 Networks, Xorcom, AstraQom and DIDX

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Women in Telecom Thank 360 Networks, Xorcom, AstraQom and DIDX

Get the women from your company together with women from other companies, and business development is assured! We prove it at every IP communications event we participate in.

How? There is an informal gathering of some very bright and powerful engineers, marketers, executive officers, business owners, and software developers that meet for breakfast at IP communications and technologies shows such as PTC, ITW, CTIA Wireless, 4GWorld, CommunicAsia, ITCN Asia, and GSMA Mobile World Congress. The most recent was at ITEXPO West 2011 in Austin. Around 18 women convened to share coffee or tea and share best practices, anecdotes, and ideas for business, social and technical collaborations at the Convention Center. I'd like to thank 360 Networks, Xorcom, AstraQom, TMCnet.com and DIDX for making this possible.

 Tom Michaels, senior sales executive at 360 Networks, snapped pictures to help us remember those inspiring conversations.


“Suzanne and I noticed that there are very few women in this field, telecom in particular and technology in general,” Bridger told TMCnet when asked why the breakfast was organized. “We thought it might be a good idea to get the women that are coming to ITEXPO to network and to reach out on this particular level. We don’t mean to be exclusive but the idea is to let other women know that they do have colleagues and people that are interested in networking with them.”

An Amazon Kindle and a beautiful red cocktail dress from XO were donated for a drawing. Loni Le Van-Etter won the Kindle, and Kimberly Drobney of Fonality won the designer dress. Conversation during the event ranged among the topics of HTML5, mobile application lifecycle management, a glass ceiling is only there if you say it is, the All Conference Party with Spazmatics, Starview Solutions' new Shango cloud service for telcos and their boat party that most of us were invited to, our social CRM experiences, and open source telephony.

Anyone can set up one of these breakfasts, but be sure to use Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and other social networks and media to get the word out for the biggest and most effective meetup. Contact me on Linkedin to find out more.

I know I didn't catch all the great conversations and collaborations that resulted from and occurred at this Breakfast. I wish I did, but Carrie Schmelkin, web editor, shares more on TMCnet.com.

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