Avvasi CEO on Quality Experience High Correlation to Revenue Profitability

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Avvasi CEO on Quality Experience High Correlation to Revenue Profitability

Why should you and I be interested in the services that Avvasi provides and in particular their launch on the first day of 4GWorld of CONNEXUS, a collaboration of theirs with three other companies?

Here's my own experience.

Last week, my son and I entertained his children with our family bluegrass music favorites from Youtube and Boogie Maths videos on his smart phone. At a birthday party for a best friend, we couldn't remember the name of the band who sang "O-o-h Child" and found a video online with the answer, "The Five Stair Steps." I cannot even count the number of times that I and my 100s of 1000s of industry friends, customers, and vendors (via DIDX service provider networks, TMC media channels, and AstraQom social networks) have used video on a mobile devices to wirelessly share videos for elevator pitches, client testimonials, and product demos on the go. These personal, social and business activities were very important to me and them.

So, how does Avvasi's CONNEXUS fit in? As Brian Partridge, vice president of network research at Yankee Group, states, "Consumers are demanding a wide selection of broadcast-quality video on any device, at any time -- and they're willing to pay for it."

In the associated press release, Mate Prgin, president and CEO of Avvasi, states, "The growing gap between exponential bandwidth demand and shallow revenue growth is not secret, and OTT (Over the Top) video is the primary driver."

What is OTT video? It is a general term for service that is utilized over a network that is not offered by that network operator. Mr. Prgin mentions Skype as an example of OTT, and then when Verizon, a mobile operator) and Skype, an OTT voice and video service provider, partnered, they benefited from that collaboration, and so did the end-users.

Mate explains in a few words how entities participating in 4GWorld can best leverage what the Avvasi collaboration CONNEXUS has to offer:

1. Build an infrastructure that can deliver video at a certain QoA that users will pay for.

2. Use that capability to come to the negotiation table with content providers and advertisers and say, "Hey, we can do this, but that's going to cost you something. Let's do a business agreement that satisfies your requirements, our requirements, and the subscribers' requirements."

3. Grow that business in a sustainable way to get the users the quality they want on the devices they want with pricing arrangements that work for the whole value chain.

Watch and listen to video to learn more about the CONNEXUS collaboration and the ways that Avvasi has been an integral part of pioneering this and other impressive video-related technologies and services.

(A bit about Mr. Mate Prgin ... he started a video company that pioneered the IPTV Cadence for DSL networks which was purchased by Cisco in 2000.)

Meet with Avvasi this week at 4GWorld. The CEO is a presenter during the Customer Experience Panel at 3:15 PM. Other conferences they plan to participate in during the near future include London's Broadband Traffic Management in the middle of November. They have a speaker on a panel session there. Also look for them at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona February 2012.

(AstraQom, DIDX, Techistan, and possibly even some of TMC team will be at MWC, but I also recommend entities such as Avvasi to have a presence at 4G Wireless Evolution which is co-located with ITEXPO East in beautiful Miami Beach. I'll be there, but first, I'll do the ING Miami Beach 1/2 Marathon the Sunday before. Connect with me on Linkedin.)

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