Stoke's Dan McBride on LTE Security

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Stoke's Dan McBride on LTE Security

Stoke Mobile Data Offload October 2011 DiagramDan McBride is the VP of Marketing at Stoke the past four years and has enviable background of 18 years' networking industry experience. The company Stoke, whose main offices are in Santa Clara, California and Bangalore, India, was a sponsor and exhibitor of the October 2011 4G World conference in Chicago.

Their well-respected clients such as NTT Docomo and British Telecom take advantage of Stoke's Security eXchange, WiFi eXchange, and Stoke Session eXchange (SSX-3000 and XGLC20 Packet Processing Line Card). The company provides complete scalabe LTE security, 3G Core Offload, and RAN offload solutions for mobile operators. For readers who have a difficult time understanding such wireless, mobile, networking jargon, think of this way ...

A level of security is needed on an LTE network that does not negatively affect user convenience and experience. It should provide protection from attacks on the Internet. It should also not negatively affect the transition of the network from current and very common 3G services to LTE services.

Mobile users expect to be always on and connected which means there can be complications. Most of this traffic is Internet and such generates little or even zero revenue. Dropped connections and reduced service quality are a common result of the unpredictable surges in visual, voice and large file uploads and downloads.

Watch the video podcast interview.

Questions and topics we discussed: 1. What are the issues that Stoke resolves that reflect all the players (the subscribers, the application developers, the service providers and the operators) regarding mobile, wireless and networking?

Stoke offers gateway systems that fit into the cellular infrastructure. These enable operators to deliver content much faster than the previous generation of cellular networks were able to. With the 3G networks, a huge challenge is experienced when trying to download content. Part of the reason is that many of the operators are using equipment that was built years ago and is not right for 2011 needs and forward. People were not downloading full length movies, songs and other large file types.

Dan asks, "How do operators manage and keep up with all the data?" With iPhone, Android devices, tablets, and laptops with dongles taking off ... it is necessary for operators to catch up to subscribers' needs. LTE seems to be able to do this.

2. Would you share an example of succcess for a particular client? Stoke is now playing a crucial role in the NTT Docomo LTE network. Who are they?

A world-leading mobile operator and provider of comprehensive mobility solutions for Japan and overseas markets, including NFC mobile payments, mobile GPS and TV, environmental monitoring, smart grids ... they are way ahead of the curve in technology research. Soon after their grand opening in 1998 when I was just a teacher and about to co-found Super Technologies (known for its DIDX service for telecom and mobile operators), I visited their DOCOMO R&D Exhibition Hall "WHARF" at the Yokosuka Research Park.

4:18 into the interview ...

Stoke provides a gateway function for NTT Docomo that is at the edge of their Core Network and actually decrypts and encrypts all the traffic that runs to and from radio network.

Stoke's Mr. McBride divulges names of other highly renowned mobile and network operator clients during the interview who his company serves. One of their current goals is to break in deeper in the North America market as 4G networks are just getting started.

5:36 into the interview ...

3. We discuss the reasons that we were participating in 4G World such as the opportunity to exhibit one's services and talk face to face with current and potential customers and vendors. Again, their real goal was to meet with key organizations who are in North America. 4G World was valuable in meeting Stoke's goals. We both plan also to take part in the 4G Wireless Evolution conference that is co-located with ITEXPO East in Miami Beach, Florida on February 1-3, 2011. He mentions their CTO Dave Williams may be a speaker at 4GWE even.

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