Frank Talk on Telecom Fraud with Humbug Labs' Eric Klein

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Frank Talk on Telecom Fraud with Humbug Labs' Eric Klein

eric_klein_humbuglabs.jpgEric Klein, the VP of sales and marketing at faceshotitexpo_250x250.jpgHumbug Labs,is the telecom fraud expert that we interviewed in a recent podcast, sponsored by DIDX and AstraQom. He is one of the brilliant presenters scheduled for ITEXPO East 2012, specifically the Asterisk World and Cloud Communications events. Look in the ITEXPO East 2012 visitors' bag for the Humbug Labs free white paper that describes the evolution of telecom fraud. It includes a free trial code of Humbug services.

Much like business issues regarding infringment of intellectual property that I discussed with Mark Terry, companies are not prepared to prevent or to deal with telecom fraud. Most are too embarrassed to ever admit to experts when they suffer either. They lose valuable time, respect, and money which may result in lawsuits and loss of clients whose trust has been sacrificed. 

Carriers often do a good job "fighting traditional telecommunications fraud," but they do not understand the idiosyncrasies of each of their business clients. Examples may include ... would the client typically incur scores of calls that are international, overnight, on the weekends and during holidays? 

Humbug Labs is cloud-based, and they are set up to see any particular fraud act immediately, even when it touches the first PBX. They know and are ready for inappropriate call patterns and to stop them from reoccuring. The method that the expert company takes is different from traditional methods of protection such as firewalls or solutions just for carriers. Humbug Labs is more personalized and can be used by enterprises and businesses. 

Where could we say this all began? The first telecom fraud in history was 1897 when Guglielmo Marconi attempted to demonstrate his wireless radio communication systems. Someone almost immediately created a solution that was able to hack it.

Phreaking was another memorable example of phone fraud. Quite often, blind people were the most expert, perhaps because of their instinctive ability to compensate by being auditorially talented. Joe Engressia, blind and only seven years old, whistled the fourth E above a middle C (a frequency of 2600 Hertz) and discovered that it stopped the dialed phone recording. Yes, really!

Now people are phone hacking into even voicemail. How does anyone think that Murdoch and News Corps found themselves in so much hot water recently?

There are actually 400 different kinds of telecommunications fraud. Some pretty sophisticated manipulation now result in millions of dollars of arbitrage fraud that even AT&T suffered from. 

Why would companies keep their PBXs and voip phones to the default password? Why enable a phone does not need voice mail with the feature of voice mail? 

In the ancient days of telecommunications, phone hacking was just something fun to do, but today in 2012 and forward, it has the potential of billions of dollars. Mobs, terrorist groups, drug czars, and even some huge and highly respected businesses are involved. 

Get some answers by listening to the recording of the audio interview between Humbug Labs' Eric Klein and AstraQom / DIDX's Suzanne Bowen.

The podcast URL is

Registration sites for the conferences where the telecom fraud sessions of Eric Klein on "What Cloud Means for Fraud Prevention" and Nir Simionovich of Humbug Labs on "Socializing Telephony Fraud" during ITEXPO East 2012?

Cloud Communications: What Cloud Means for Fraud Prevention
Feb. 1, 2012, 2:30 - 3:15 PM

Asterisk World: Socializing Telephony Fraud
Feb. 2, 2012, 1 - 1:45 PM
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