Monetizing IP Communications May Take Some Special Tweeting

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Monetizing IP Communications May Take Some Special Tweeting

how i use twitter
LisaMarieDias's blog post "Who to Follow, and Not to Follow, on Twitter – That is the Question" caught my fancy because of what I agree with but even more so, what I don't agree with. The 51 comments she has received so far as just as controversial and thought-provoking as her original post. Twitter is used in serious manner for business, friendship, learning, teaching, collaborating, promotions and giveaways, newsfeed, video channel, photo gallery, comics, and more. 

Lisa's Twitter workshop clients ask her how to get more Twitter followers, and she replies, "Who should you follow?"

She shares concern over following a bunch of people who just spam. But ... spam to one person is knowledge and potential business development for another.

How to define the type of people and organizations you want to follow? You define it. Not me! And don't feel bad when someone you follow ... does not follow you. For example, some people who I do not Follow on Twitter, I have added to a Specific Twitter List because this way I can read particular lists and see everything in that particular category I want to know about.

1. Those you feel you can learn from.
2. Those you want to develop business with.
3. Those you think you can help.
4. Those who you think ... make you laugh when you need it.
5. Those who have the kinds of networks you want to have.
6. My current or even potential friends, employees, team members, customers. It's your decision.
7. People who have the same interests I have: foreign languages, international travel, empowering homeless, biographies, steam punk reading, New Orleans, voip, m2m, mobile anything ...

What about Lisa Marie Diaz's client's first question? How do you get people to want to follow you? Here are a few ideas.
1. Use the Twitter search and type in words or phrases that have to do with your area of expertise. Why? Find the people describing issues and asking for help in this area, and propose answers to them. You don't even have to Follow them before you click REPLY and answer. 

2. Thank people when they are helpful to you on Twitter and try to add something solid in the "Thank you" Tweet that will help others who read it. Don't just say, "Thank you, @juliefogg." Even better might be, "Thank you, @juliefogg. You are one the best Twitter examples of mixing personal, social and professional very well."

3. Show appreciation for those you enjoy following by doing a #FaveFollows or #FF (Follow Friday) Tweet once per week or even just once in a while. My most recent were @ayeshaambreen (bright telecom engineer and social networker) @grattonboy (just plain funny and informative same time, @JulieAnnMorris (digital entrepreneur and educator),  @HarvardBiz (needs no description), @rossdawson (interesting infographics and stuff on crowdsourcing), @martingeddes (like his RTs and how he "words" things), @truvoip (one of those in my industry who has helped me most and I appreciate it ... awesome voip blog reviews) , @michelv69 (steam punk author, good friend, and very helpful).

4. I know that some people Tweet many times per day, and it works for them, but personally I don't want to Tweet more than 5-6 times per day. I don't want to wear out my welcome. Even when I do Tweet, I try to make sure it is about something that I think people, especially those who follow me, will want to read. 

Have I ever made any money from Tweeting? I've gained new customers for DIDX in the past and still match more organizations who need wholesale DID with them. Many of my followers and those I follow have sent me potential business for AstraQom and other companies I represent and vice versa. At least half of those referrals become vendors or clients of ours or for them. 

I get referrals from my Twitter network to write press releases and blog posts, complete audio or video interviews, and MC as well as represent people and organizations at exhibitions, conferences, workshops, and other events. I do get paid most of the time, in addition to travel expenses. So ... you never know where your Twitter network will take you.

Five to six times per year, I meet many of those in Twitter network and because I know them virtually, we connect more easily in person, have a meal, go to networking sessions and help each other with our exhibits and in gathering content for our blogs and podcast channels.

I'm no where near being a Twitter Queen, but I seem to gain on average about 3-7 new Followers, RTs, replies, and such per week. Out of 1,088 Followers, some people Unfollow me which is okay. "Unfollowing" will be a topic for another blog post. ;-) Merry Tweeting.

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