ShowStoppers @ CTIA Provides Close Up of Hertz's NeverLost

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ShowStoppers @ CTIA Provides Close Up of Hertz's NeverLost

Even businesses who do the best in monetizing IP communications need ways to save time and effort. Even in an age where many of us use video and voice over IP at a desk a majority of the time, tools that help us manage our time on the road are a winner. Hertz exhibited its NeverLost Systems the Monday night before International CTIA Wireless 2012 began, and what a great way to kick it off!

Hertz's NeverLost enables customers to plan trips online and access them from the program in their Hertz rental car. Graham Weedon gives a live demonstration in this video during Showstoppers @ CTIA Wireless 2012 for a media team of Techistan magazine editor, AstraQom and DIDX podcasters, as well as a CED blogger and TMCnet blogger.

Set up travel and visit routes to enjoy by foot or car. Take advantage of * augmented reality. Transfer the trip planned from NeverLost in the iPad to the car. (Have I got this right?) Locate events in areas where we will be updated daily and can be added to one's calendar. Even choose from different kinds of tours of what is of greatest interest: foodie, comedy, architecture, movie tours and more. 

Road warriors, family vacationers, and other types of highly mobile persons can find in this program and gadget a great reason to choose Hertz for rental cars. 

Benjamin Franklin once said, "Lost time is never found again."  So wishing readers who travel a lot, "Bon voyage and make the best of every minute!" Check out

(AstraQom, CED, and DIDX worked together to get the news via video, pictures, articles, blog posts and more on all the exciting opportunities during the week of International CTIA Wireless 2012 in New Orleans. Next events on the agenda are listed at and Favorites coming up are CommunicAsia in Singapore and ITEXPO West in Austin.)
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