Never been to Philippines but Asian Carriers Conference Will Change That

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Never been to Philippines but Asian Carriers Conference Will Change That

Asian Carriers Conference 2012I have enjoyed several email and Linkedin message exchanges with those at ASAP CEBU and Philippines Long Distance Company this year about the beautiful city of Cebu and the Asian Carriers Conference scheduled for September 4 - 7, 2012. Some time in July or August, I will record an audio podcast interview with them about telecommunication trends, history of their conference, what's on the 2012 agenda as well as opportunities for exhibitors, presenters and soponsors.

For now ... Come and join the Eastern Hemisphere's most powerful telecommunications community as they gather and learn about opportunities in the wholesale-retail ecosystem. We often only get half the picture of what is really going on in communications and technology when we choose only to participate in North American and European events.

The company I co-founded Super Technologies that runs the popular global wholesale DID exchange DIDX will exhibit there. The new company I am with will participate. People and organizations can register now:

EVENT DESCRIPTION: Asian Carriers Conference (ACC)
September 4 - 7, 2012
Shangri-la' s Mact an Resort & Spa, Cebu, Philippines
The well-respected event won the Best Telecommunications Conference at the recently held Asian Conference Awards 2012 in Singapore. It was nominated at the International Conference Awards in London. The Asian Carriers' Conference (ACC) has landed a strong presence in the international telecommunications industry.

This year's theme is ”Transforming To The New Telecom Wholesale-Retail Ecosystem”. Delegates from the world's leading wholesale telecom companies, information and communication service providers, network equipment manufacturers and suppliers, entertainment and technology players, over-the-top (OTT) service providers and applications and content developers will merge to network and meet in Cebu, Philippines.

Get ready for opportunities in the ever-growing complexities of the global and borderless telecom landscape. Strengthen business relationships with retail players, learn together with content developers, exchange ideas with network enablers and discover new opportunities in the Asian market. 


CONTACT TEL. NOS:Regist rat ion: + 6 3 3 2 -5 1 2 7 3 9 1 (Mae Ragrag)

Hotel Room & Meeting Room Reservations: +6 3 3 2 -5 1 2 7 3 9 2 (Danika Tan)

Event Partnership & Branding Opportunit ies: + 6 3 3 2 -5 1 2 7 3 9 0 (Perl Jacalan) 

See AstraQom's recommended global events for more in 2012 to meet face to face with current and potential customers, partners, vendors, and industry friends. 

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