Live Demonstrations and Interactive Experiences at Connected Cars Events

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Live Demonstrations and Interactive Experiences at Connected Cars Events

That Ford F150 that TMC gave away during ITEXPO West last week in Austin was beautiful. Thanks to the sponsors: Taqua, Airespring, GFI, Broadview Networks, SageMCom, Audio Codes, and XKL. Since meeting with several automobile dealership owners based in Ottawa, Canada and recording audio podcasts with Mercedes and Honda ones, I have become a fan of how IP communications and M2M type technologies are slipping into the newest car models. They are becoming more connected than ever in ways that please and put us in awe. This week I was contacted by Informa about their Connected Car conferences and expos scheduled for November 14 - 15, 2012 in Dallas and also May 14 - 15, 2013 in Frankfurt, Virginia. What I can't wait for is the fact that they are both interactive exhibitions where we can experience even the prototypes of the leading automobile OEMs and electronics innovators and possibly start up partnerships.


More than 500 decision makers, 30 exhibitors and 80 international speakers from the entire industry are expected to attend the German location.


The conference in Germany, organised by the Software and Services division of Informa Group, will follow the launch event in Dallas this November. Who will be there? Hyundai, Toyota, Ford, AT&T, Sprint, Rdio, Panasonic, Nokia, Pandora, Genivi, MERA, Harman and more! The 2013 two day conference agenda will cover business models, pricing and global scaling, regulatory impact, standards and global initiatives, and technical access models and innovations. There will be networking breaks with "in car" entertainment, apps village, ‘drive thru’, wifi zone, automobile innovation and vision of connected car theatres. Fun!


Sophie Powell, Portfolio Manager for Software and Services shares with us, “We are excited to be delivering this dedicated event following comments from industry on wanting a meeting place with genuinely high level decision making attendees and strategic CxO level presentations. Given our existing relationship with the mobile operator wholesale and tech community and past successes in convergence events we are looking forward to offering something a bit different – we hope to see you at the ‘drive in’ to discuss the future of connected cars and how customer loyalty retention in this sector can turn to eventual revenue generation for partners! It’s another fascinating area to cover where connectivity is changing everything.”


The full details of agenda with even a brochure to download if you would like are at for the Frankfurt, Germany event and at for the Dallas event.


Press can arrange for interviews with confirmed speakers ahead of the event, by emailing or call +44 (0)20 7017 5289.


Follow what's up on Twitter @telecomstweet. If you have not listened already to my audio podcasts with the dealerships about the latest technology yet, click to listen to Dow Honda and Star Motors Mercedes.

Watch a video that demonstrates SAP Enterprise Mobile's Connected Car Technology with a sales executive persona demo in the RIM / QNX Connected Car Porsche.

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