Dotcom-Monitor VP Brad Canham on Website Monitoring Technology and Education

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Dotcom-Monitor VP Brad Canham on Website Monitoring Technology and Education

Web application monitoring, website monitoring for website and Internet performance improvement are important for customer retention, sales, trust, and respect. Visit a website that is down, that is slow, or that is not working like it should and you go to the competitor whose website is up and working great. Dotcom-Monitor's VP Brad Canhan answered questions posed by DIDXchange telecommunications and mobile service provider members, in general about Internet performance, but in specific about proactive Internet performance improvement and also what can go wrong such as hiring new, inexperienced services. We discussed what customers feel and see while participating in business on the internet as well as the technical stuff in the background such as routing and access problems and remote traceroute.

(Click to listen at your leisure to the audio podcast interview with Brad Canham on web application monitoring and Internet performance.)

For example, heard of response time? How many seconds are customers patient enough to wait for their login to one's website to complete? Customers begin to get irritated and leave when they have to wait more than six seconds for a website to load or for their login to complete. I tested (who co-sponsored the audio podcast) wait time which was 1.94 seconds ... was 1.81 ... and this blog took 1.18 seconds to load. Strange things can slow a website such as third party widgets. Examples are text to speech tools, "social media recommend aggregator tools," and font kits. Everyone is trying to create happy, memorable and repeat user experiences, but do we do this via third party or one's own in-house developed widgets. Second, having a web application monitoring service can do the police work.

Poor monitoring might include only watching and examining cached HTML and DNS processes. Doing the second causes real DNS issues to go unnoticed and unfixed. Look at the AT&T in January 2013 and GoDaddy outage in September 2012.

"Good monitoring is more than setting simple ping tests from three monitoring sites," says Brad. "... we take screenshots and when we do web application monitoring, we actually take a video (first company to do this) of our browsing going through a shopping cart and send that to you immediately. You can use a remote traceroute, the video or the screen snap shot that will say you are having a 404 error or a 501 error to quickly pinpoint where the issue is and what it looks like ... diagnostics are part of process of getting a website or web application back up and running ... a "waterfall chart" ... synched with a video ... a mixture and data and the video aspect."

Dotcom-Monitor's motto is a drive to constantly improve Internet performance of its clients. The bar is high. They enjoy not only providing their Internet performance monitoring but also helping to educate people and businesses what is involved. Some of the latter that Mr. Canham recommends:

1. Dotcom-Monitor free tools:

2. TRAC Research has a new report out today March 1, 2013, titled "2013 Application Performance Management Spectrum Report." Many may have heard of the expert behind this named Bojan Simic, President and Principal Analyst at TRAC Research.

3. Dotcom-Monitors demos and tutorials at

How Fast Facebook Loads 2012 Dotcom-Monitor

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