What if All VoIP Carriers Were Connected Transparate Style?

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What if All VoIP Carriers Were Connected Transparate Style?

Eugene Nedbailo_transparate_podcastpic_tn.jpg"What if every carrier could be in direct contact with all other carriers on this planet? Sounds like a big idea ... like what do we mean by that? I mean virtually connected via rates and targets?" Eugene Nedbailo asks at the beginning of our audio interview with him about Transparate.

People ask me, "How are you?" I also want to answer with what I am doing, why I am doing it and what if ... from there, so the concept behind Transparate is pretty refreshing and interesting. When I mentioned this to Eugene, he again replied with something unique, "This market is mostly uh ... I don't want to call it 'grey,' but it is mostly hidden, so carriers are not in touch with each other. They are trying to hide where ... not promote very well rates and targets. They don't want to lose their current customers, and people are not united in this way because we are all competitors with each other. Our idea was to make this situation more transparent."

(I can relate. I have written so many times during my careers in education and telecommunications about the value in collaborating with one's competitors. http://suzannebowen.blogspot.com/search?q=Collaboration+among+Competitors%3F+Why+not%3F)

Mr. Nedbailo says that Transparate is about the Pre Sale, the building of business cases. Customers upload rates (seller) and targets (buyer), analyse matches (positive differences between selling and buying rate), and then possibly talk, sell, or buy. Transparate's job is to link the participants, so they can be in direct contact with each other via SIP, Skype, phone number or other communication type.

He admits that the first two years of Transparate including growing pains, and I know exactly what he is talking about when I think back to the beginning of DIDX global DID marketplace, a health and nutrition business I had, and now Elegant Group Inc. Early adopters are a startup's best group of friends, no matter how critical they are, I think.

"There was time we actually spent on making experiments and doing mistakes because we've got our illusions about what it is and how should it work, but our customers gave us ... without our customers, it would just be a what if?" notes Eugene in the interview, about 6:02 into the audio podcast interview at http://didx.net/podcast/?p=episode&name=2013-04-16_transparate_2013_april.mp3.

Transparate records every change of rates and targets which builds a comparison list in accordance with the changes. The engine does nothing by itself.

Transparate is rather customized such as if a carrier or provider is selling or buying only free destinations, the engine sets an 'ignore' for anything not relevant to that business plan for those members (customers).

Since Transparate is only about Pre Sales, they have partnered with two other independent companies should the customers choose to use them. Verdecto is one ... they provide payment protection via escrow and neutral transaction services to route buyers and sellers in the wholesale telecom industry. Second, they have partnered with Digitalk's VoIP peering and routing platform. As a result, there are three aspects to the business:

1. Managing rates
2. Protecting payments
3. Routing minutes

"It's not like social networks where you have to spend hours. It's a business tool," Mr. Nedbailo says. "It is switched between two options. Option one is you go to an exchange where everything is anonymous and better service and more things being done for you. At the other end, there are free forums filled with unchecked information and with very often fake companies and 'time-wasters.' We are between because our service is not free. There is a membership fee ..."

I asked Eugene to share his thoughts on business trends whether in VoIP or other field, and he answered first with the need for mobile applications.

David Gitonga, Tech Republic writer and SMB technologist, wrote an article that was published on March 9, 2013, and his summarizes mobile applications and small businesses. When you start to look at mobile as an opportunity to create better solutions for your customers (and for your business), then you are on the right track.

Erik Linask of TMCnet says the mobile application problem is that the "small businesses add * mobile apps that engender little interaction between users and brands other than the device manufacturers."

(Take a view of Transparate interface.)

Transparate Interface.jpg

Mr. Nedbailo also mentioned that Transparate's mobile application enables members to see the list of all people they can talk to, ones they have already agreed to deals with, and people who are sending incoming requests. Transparate's next plan is to connect Transparate members who participate in an event such as ITW, PTC, ITEXPO or Mobile World Congress Barcelona, via the mobile app even while there to easily find each other physically.

By the way, my new company Elegant Group Inc includes on its team, mobile application development experts, so contact me via Linkedin or Elance for yours. We are a quiet power behind hundreds of fast-growing new companies. Thanks for the customer referrals and the audio podcast interview recommendations such as Transparate ore sales engine and PG Consultants home automation and security services, readers!

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