Connected Cars Give us Value Items: Stories and Time

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Connected Cars Give us Value Items: Stories and Time

Guy Story CTO Audible, Inc.
Time is a precious gift, and the connected car can give that gift back to us. We spend hours of our lives waiting in queues at the grocery, in traffic jams, on long trips, at the doctor's office and waiting for the big game to begin. A story, a documentary, a technology phenomenom, sound business advice or comedy can fill our ears and hearts while even our eyes are busy. Audible Inc.'s CTO and Chief Scientist Gary Story says the most popular use case for audiobooks is listening in the car. Mr. Story will be a Connected Car Ecosystem panelist at Connected Cars 2013 in Amsterdam, June 25 - 26. The conference brings together the Connected Car Ecosystem which includes Automotive OEMs, mobile network operators, infotainment providers, software providers, telematics service providers, government and NGO agencies, and expert consultants. Once upon a time, M2M (machine to machine) seemed to be a Star Trek concept of the future, but we are in that future now. 

Listen to an audio podcast interview with Audible Inc.'s CTO Guy Story on DIDX podcasts. The text transcript is on Techistan online magazine. I will link to it from here.

This cool guy named Guy (whom I kept calling Gary, yikes!) tells a story about stories at April 2013 TEDxNJIT. Meet him and other fun, inspiring connected car, M2M, and telematics experts at Connected Cars 2013, June 25 - 26 in Amsterdam. 

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