Connected Car TNO's Yes on Commercial Productivity and Safety, No to Traffic Jams and Emissions

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Connected Car TNO's Yes on Commercial Productivity and Safety, No to Traffic Jams and Emissions

Picture Leo Kusters (1).jpgTNO Managing Director of TNO Transport and Mobility Leo Kusters talks about connected cars and TNO's notable work in the M2M automotive technology industry. TNO has been involved in connected car research for over 20 years, making it a pioneer and well-informed expert. Some of the latest projects are aimed at reducing traffic jams and emissions and increasing productive and enabling commercial applications.

He shares on DIDX podcast of his insights on current industry trends in traffic management and such. An important aim of TNO is a future that is faster, cleaner but safer. Those three adjectives do speak directly to people's anxieties over present day transportation and the future of connected cars.

TNO carefully works with a growing number of government connnected cars experiments and iniatives.

To the question of how Amsterdam's LTE World Summit collocation with Connected Cars in June 2013 in Amsteram affects the automotive M2M debate, Mr. Kusters shares some wisdom. First, he says, some things you just cannot do on your own. In other words, toogether, the connected cars ecosystem which includes OEMs such as Mercedes Benz, Ford and Kia; application developers such Toogethr, research organizations such as TNO, mobile operators such as Orange and AT&T; and more, can better meet the safety, productivity, mobility, transport, and communication needs of consumers and businesses, individuals and organizations.

Leo says that connected cars are a hot topic in Amsterdam because the government is actively interested and involved with industry. This sets a precedent for other nations and the globe as a whole. Amsterdam's success in connected cars and all types of connected technology is being observed carefully.

Mr. Leo Kusters is also a board member of the Dutch Integrated Testsite Cooperative Mobility (DITCM), member of EARPA Executive Board, board member of AutomotiveNL and chairman of the board of the public private partnership TNO/TASS/TTAI. He will present on the topic of some of the ambitions that TNO is striving for at Connected Cars June 25 - 26, 2013 in Amsterdam.

Visit, click on "themes," and click on "transport and mobility to find additional thought-provoking information. Check DIDX, M2M Techzone (winner of LTE Vision Award), Berg Zone, and bNet TV who are media partners for more on Connected Cars 2013.

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