Least Cost Routing Made Simpler and Less Secretive

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Least Cost Routing Made Simpler and Less Secretive

termination_routes_minutes_atoz.jpgTalk to anyone involved in voice over Internet or any type of telecommunications, and the terms "termination," "routes," "minutes," and "LCR" always creep in, but like the verb "creep," it traditionally seems so secretive. I have often laughed as I ask, why is it that all these face shots of beautiful young women fill Yahoo forums, Google hangouts and Facebook pages talking about grey and white routes such as "BD PURE CLI => 0.0317$ / 2.22tk,"INDIA Gray.................. 0.0102," or "SELLING CHEAP 2126 MOROCCO AND 53 CUBA?" How do we make a choice in what seems like a totally cryptic wholesale telecom business space? Abe Haim may know.

A telecommunications veteran recommended that I interview Abe Haim, the Director of LCR Solutions, who is an expert at LCR and has been interviewed already by VoIP Users Conference. Feel free to listen to the audio podcast interview between me Suzanne Bowen and Abe Haim.

Crowd-sourced Wikipedia editors say, "In voice telecommunications, least-cost routing (LCR) is the process of selecting the path of outbound communications traffic based on cost. Within a telecoms carrier, an LCR team might periodically (monthly, weekly or even daily) choose between routes from several or even hundreds of carriers for destinations across the world. This function might also be automated by a device or software program known as a "Least Cost Router."

Mr. Haim gives no-nonsense advice and ideas such as:
1. If you buy right, you'll be able to sell right.
2. If you don't run your business by code, you're in trouble.
3. There are no favorites, and there are no secrets.

Abe Haim reiterates in the audio podcast, "If you don't run your business by code, you're in trouble. Years ago, I would get code in from guys saying 'Brazil ALL.' What does that mean ... 'Brazil ALL?' And then, we'd route to 'Brazil ALL,' and all sorts of codes didn't work. You call a vendor and say this code isn't working and that one ... oh, oh, we don't carry those codes ... I'm looking at your codes, and it says 'Brazil ALL.' What does that mean? ... Why are you telling me ALL?"

A client of Mr. Haim's recommended him on Linkedin with these words, "LCR Solutions is a great service for any small/ medium sized Voip Company to organize their rate sheets and take a step to become a bigger and more professional. Now, we know who to buy from and who to approach ... a wonderful and inspiring man 'Abe Haim'. He has been able not only to guide and put endless time and effort into our challenging situations but has shown great insight and moral support and definitely a light for the future. He is very dedicated with his work and surely gives words of wisdom; words of which I know will make me and my company work with the same ‘professionalism’. Abe is able to make one laugh but think logically and positive even at the most critical situation."

Once Mr. Haim's customers get started with the LCR Solutions, they experience an average increase of 10 - 15 % margin which is extremely important in the highly competitive world of minutes / termination trading, buying and selling. Many thanks from me Suzanne Bowen to the guys at VUC who recommended that I interview Mr. Haim and now share with you. Visit http://www.lcrsolutions.ca for more information. 

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