Business Video and Queen Lead Guitarist Brian May

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Business Video and Queen Lead Guitarist Brian May

Brianmaywarsaw.jpg"A good video can make all the difference," says Brian May (Ph.D. Astro-Physics and Queen lead guitarist). Such is true for business!

Even if you are like me, and you prefer to read communications, video still is the most remembered.  The more senses used in absorbing info, the more we engage and retain. Video juxtaposes visual and sound, so we remember easier.

May co-authored and published a book in 2006 named Bang! The Complete History of the Universe. A cool little Queen guitarist Brian May video about one of his autograph sessions is on Youtube. Consider video for business to reach out ahead of competition in a memorable way.

Do you use video in business? How? What advantages and disadvantages are there? Do you pair business video with other forms of marketing? What else and in what percentage of each? Muntwo is a business video service I have worked with before, and the service often has a waiting list for the creation of business videos. Consider making a contact at to start planning an effective business video for marketing, publicity, testimonials, FAQs, and other goals. 

I love the song "Bohemian Rhapsody." My favorite public performance of it was by my husband and the complete cooking staff at Ozone's in Pensacola one late night. I wish I had recorded it on video. :(

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