Avoid Draw Dead Business as Usual - Choose ITEXPO

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| 1. "Focusing your life solely on making a buck shows a certain poverty of ambition..." Barack Obama ..... 2. "One of the sad signs of our times is that we have demonized those who produce, subsidized those who refuse to produce, and canonized those who complain." By Thomas Sowell

Avoid Draw Dead Business as Usual - Choose ITEXPO

_ITEXPO_2013.jpgStop tapping out! The real odds of anything we want to happen increase with taking actual action. Existential philosophers say, "To not choose is still a choice." ITEXPO events (conferences and exhibitions) are real opportunities to do an about face from business as usual. Thousands of people with whom to develop business, share information, buy and products and services, and socialize. From StartupCamp8 to SUITS to expo hours with networking receptions and exhibitors such as Voxbone, Blackberry, VoIP Innovations (booth 508), Vox Valley, Airespring, Earthlink, DIDX (booth 636), Five9, inGate, IPSMARX, Plivo, PortaOne, Sangoma, and ThingWorx, several highlighted in ** DIDX audio podcasts ...

Linkedin is a social networking platform businesses that I enjoy because it is a great way to meet more people from the companies I respect. I think a healthy mix of face to face and online conversation and marketing are important. * ABG Capital's Communications Specialist Natalie DeCario has played a key role in the company's expert use of social media with blogging, Vine (a new, cool concept that for example, Honda has had great success with), Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google + and more. The company is also an ITEXPO West 2013 exhibitor and social media sponsor. Click to listen to me Suzanne Bowen and Natalie DeCario discuss some credible tips of how to use social media for all the right reasons and in some very practical ways:

1. Build credibility.
2. Turn negative online feedback into an Ace-High Straight Flush.
3. Share product demos and testimonials.
4. Introduce new employees or enable different departments to be highlighted via guest blogging and/or videos.
5. Don't be guilty of zombie social media.
6. Make time for the marketing communications team of one's business to consult with other departments in the company to be fresh, pertinent and effective in use of social media. (This is a major problem for most companies because it may be thought that online presence, maintenance, and such is not worth much attention. Hmm.)

Why just hold your own back home when there is a jackpot waiting to be claimed at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center August 26 - 29, 2013? Visit http://www.itexpo.com to sign up.

* ABG Capital leverages a unique business management model to reduce costs through the consolidation of back office operations for their portfolio companies such as VoIP Innovations.

** Send suggestions for future DIDX audio podcasts to Suzanne Bowen's Linkedin profile.

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