The Thrill and Fear of Connected Cars

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The Thrill and Fear of Connected Cars

US-Connected-Cars-Subscribers.jpgThe Connected Cars World conference series in North America and Europe attracted my attention in 2012 after I interviewed Canadian Mercedes-Benz Dealership Owner Jeff Mierins. He talked about the experience of testing a connected car and all the cool features such as remote key-less ignition, back-up cameras, and stolen vehicle tracking. This sounded cool and scary. (Just do a "CTRL F" for "Mercedes" at DIDx podcasts or at DIDx Tech iTunes' podcasts.)

One of the sponsors of the Connected Cars World conference series was Parks Associates. On October 3, 2013, the company's Jennifer Kent talked straight in a DIDx podcast interview about connected cars, still considered an emerging technology then and even now. Most new cars actually have some connected car features, but as Ms. Kent says, "The owners often do not know how to use them, or they are afraid of the possible security and privacy issues. On the other hand, cars that are well-connected can provide added productivity, convenience and opportunities for the consumers who use them." Find out how by listening to Jennifer Kent and me discuss connected cars on the DIDX connected cars audio podcast.

Trisha Parks founded Parks Associates in 1986. It is a market research and consulting firm. Their core areas include connected home services and emerging consumer technologies. The company directs some exciting events listed at The interviewee for the original DIDX audio podcast is Jennifer Kent, Senior Analyst for Parks Associates' Digital Health and Mobile Product research team.

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