Mobvoi and Your Life's Getting Better - Ticwatch and AI

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Mobvoi and Your Life's Getting Better - Ticwatch and AI

ticwatch2_itexpo_east_didx_giveaway2.jpgMobvoi is a Chinese Automated Intelligence startup that scored what many dream of... an investment from Google. In October 2015, the first by the investor since their departure from China in 2010 boosted the way for Ticwatch. According to reports from Bloomberg News and others, Mobvoi is poised to compete in price and features with the global star Apple Watch. That should take place in September 2016 when USA sales begin.

As is often the case, former Google employees co-founded Mobvoi and are behind its Ticwatch with a focus on practical-minded and cool tech-hungry American consumers. The device has the attention of the Chinese already who appear to be impressed with the ability of its voice-activated super natural feeling text search. It empowers fans to scroll with a simple to use touch-sensitive strip. The original version responded to questions by users in Chinese. The new version responds in English also. Ask what the weather is in Mumbai, Karachi, or NYC and more; reserve a ride with Uber, and order food delivery. Keep up with real-time distance, GPS location, heart rate data, and speed, so runners, walkers, hikers, cyclists and others who need such do not have to carry their smart phone in hand nor via an uncomfortable arm-band or waist pack. The Ticwatch comfortably wraps the wrist.

At the low price of $200, it competes price-wise pretty well with the $369 Apple Watch and approximately $300 Motorola Moto 360. The Ticwatch store is actually on Ticwatch Kickstarter where the goal was $50,000 and the progress so far is over $1,000,000 in raised funds with 5,463 contributors and 17 days left in the campaign.

As noted earlier, in October 2015, Alphabet's Google boosted Mobvoi's final round of funding. The company Mobvoi is said to be worth $300 million as of August 2016. It is optimized with an English user interface and makes available features comfortable for users anywhere. Plus, the Ticwatch 2 is said to be better than Ticwatch 1 in that it supports both iOS and Android devices.

"The Google label definitely helped us in marketing, but our core advantages are AI technologies that allow machines to understand natural languages, a self-developed system and self-designed hardware," said Li, who was a Google's translation software developer before he started up Mobvoi in 2012.

There's also a Mobvoi store for apps, and the watch is designed by Miko Nenonen who is based in San Francisco. Miko Nenonen Nest, Nokia) and comes in aluminium or stainless steel bodies with an option of silicone, Italian leather or stainless steel straps and sapphire crystal on the displays of the pricier models.

DIDX wholesale marketplace and Techistan online magazine will team up to give away a Mobvoi Ticwatch 2 and custom designed Dean Winchester style Suzahdi leather jacket to be announced at Cluecon which is scheduled Aug. 8 - 11, 2016 in Chicago, Illinois. It will also give away a Mobvoi Ticwatch 2 at Illinois Institute of Technology Realtime Communications Conference scheduled October 17 - 20, 2016 and ITEXPO East Conference which is scheduled for Feb. 8 - 10, 2017 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It is an expo and conference that offers Astricon, IDEA Showcase, ChannelVision, MSP EXPO and Reseller Week where exciting exhibitors such as Xorcom, Yeastar, Voxvalley, VoIP Innovations, Vitelity, Sansay, PortaOne, Obihai, Grandstream, Flying voice, Coredial, CallCabinet, Acrobits and others will showcase products and services to partner with and purchase to see your business and life...getting better and better!

One question everyone asks, "Will Ticwatch 2 available in the USA in September 2016 have all the hardware improvements consumers expect above and beyond that of Ticwatch 1?"

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