Why you would give up the chance to strut around in Middle Earth Barbie wear? Allison Smith asks.

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Why you would give up the chance to strut around in Middle Earth Barbie wear? Allison Smith asks.

allison_smith-voicegal_didx_asterisk.jpg#Thankful! What for? Being able to speak...well, not as well as Allison Smith. Being able to design software and apps with code, not as well as Mark Spencer or Floris de Vries. Being able to bring people who are very different from each other together to do something...anything better, not as well as Rehan Allahwala does.

In the golden year of 1999, Asterisk, a software implementation of a telephone PBX, was founded by Mark Spencer, and Super Technologies, Inc., a VoIP company, was co-founded by Rehan Allahwala and me Suzanne Bowen. But the classiest person in the IP communications industry was and is Allison Smith, AKA The Voicegal and The Voice of Asterisk. And now... she is a beautiful, strong, sultry fantasy character in the Mymero iPad game app that Floris de Vries, an engineer and entrepreneur, created. How cool is that?

See, Mark, Rehan, Allison, Floris, Michel (whom I will mention soon) and I have a few things in common. We all have industry friends, customers and vendors in dozens of countries in the west and east hemispheres. Mark and I are from pretty much the Deep South. Allison is from Canada. Floris is from the Netherlands. Rehan is from Pakistan. We each have and will continue to help shape the way the world communicates and the way it plays and works. I'm #thankful for them and what they all do.

I met Floris de Vries on one of my hipster shopping trips on Kickstarter. (I know. I am too old to be a hipster.) I introduced Floris, who also owns The Penultimate Truth Soundcloud, to Michel Vaillancourt, a Canadian VoIP entrepreneur, steampunk fiction author and greenthumb because they seemed to have some things in common. Michel likes steampunk, the Society for Creative Anachronism, table-top role-playing Games, and MMORPG gaming as well as, Hal-Con, WolfCon, NovaCon, ConSeption, DraCONis, and Steamcon. Michel conducted a Mymero adult-oriented memory game interview with Floris.

It was cool that one of Floris's Mymero memory style game of fantasy characters' Kickstarter perks was an invite to be one of the fantasy characters in his adult memory card mobile app game Mymero. I chose that perk. Allison Smith was the first person I thought of to give the making of the character. I introduced Floris and Allison.

Allison Smith's Mymero character's skills are grit, honor, wealth and persuasion. Her character is human and of the noble class. Her costume is scarlet satin with smoky black leather and jeweled embellishments. Her tattoos rock. Her lace up boots...I think some day, I'll get my Suzahdi fashion brand to make her a replica in costume custom fit and designed. When I shared with Allison that I thought she'd be perfect as a character in the game, she responded with her well-known charm and grace and humor, "Why you would give up the chance to strut around in Middle Earth Barbie wear is beyond me."

Her trusty companion Bailey stands stalwartly by her Mymero character's side. Have an iPad? You can download the Mymero game which is said to be available in December 2016 or January 2017. Have a lovely Thanksgiving past, present and future, and see you at ITEXPO Feb. 8-10, 2017 in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Jeff Pulver, father of VoIP, is the keynote for 2017 IDEA Showcase there. Cool!

May you all join Allison Smith as a star in some fantasy game someday. #Thankful!

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