First Hackproof Wi-Fi, then Grab Some IP Communications

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First Hackproof Wi-Fi, then Grab Some IP Communications

Wdidx-itexpo-communications-technology-money523x315.jpghile most of TMCnet blog readers want to monetize IP communications, most of the world just wants to be able to use IP communications. It's less expensive than traditional telephony and sometimes free. Problem one can be not having access to network, bandwidth, and Internet service provision in general, or maybe the local ISP offers poor quality network. Problem two can be keeping that network hack-proof.

Having residential and business hackproof can be pretty crucial. Tools are available like VPN, encryption, anti DDoS, and such. There is something any person or organization can do while researching businesses that specializes in security for your network.

Do some editing of your router settings. Don't hold me to this. I'm just sharing an idea I've used while traveling or while staying put at my office or home. 

1. Figure you router's name. Often it begins with something like Netgear or ATT, etc. It is usually somewhere on the router itself.

2. Then search for how to change the settings on your router, usually in the manual or Quick Start card that came with the router or on the "brand name of the router" website.

3. Entering is a common place to start. 

4. Search for the choice to set up a Guest login/name which would be different from your standard login, i.e, if your standard one is Netgear007, then your Guest one, you want to name with something totally different and also use a different password.

5. The password, oh yes! It should not be "admin" or "password." Don't laugh at the thought that anyone would keep their password as "admin" or "password." 

6. So then, you could have 1/2 of the devices in your home logged in to the standard name and the other 1/2 to the guest name. Like me...I would have my Amazon Echo Alexa, my wifi thermostat, and my tablet on one. I have two laptops and 2 smart phones on the other. I might some of that around every other day, too.

If I have made a mistake here, let me know. If this helpful to anyone, cool! As always, I have to tell you where I'll be event-wise. In May, I'll be at OpenSIPs Summit in Amsterday the 2-5, International Telecoms Week in Chicago 14 -17, and CommunicAsia in Singapore 22 - 27. Meet me, let's shake hands and enjoy learning, sharing stories and developing business based on IP, unified, realtime and whatever else you want to call it ... communications. Connect w/ me on LinkedIN, in case you can't find me physically at the conference. 

Oh yeah, we're (DIDX) already booked for ITEXPO 2018 scheduled for February 2018. What's cool is that All about the API and IoT Evolution is at the same time and same building.

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