Meet Saúl Ibarra Corretgé Who Will Present Multi-party Video Conferencing and Novel Way Bring it to the SIP World

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Meet Saúl Ibarra Corretgé Who Will Present Multi-party Video Conferencing and Novel Way Bring it to the SIP World

saghul_1454316986_55.jpgHave you met Saúl Ibarra Corretgé? My first interaction with him online was when he "liked" my tweet I replied to his Twitter profile @saghul post: "Brian West summarized it well during a Cluecon talk: we in the communications industry don't communicate very well." BTW, Brian is a pretty wise guy, in a good way, and so is Saúl. Saúl is presenting "Jitsi, Open Source Conferencing" Day 1 of OpenSIPS Summit May 2, 2017 in Amsterdam. I'll be near front row ready to learn. 

My interview with Saúl Ibarra Corretgé will help you get to know him. Connecting with more people in our industry and related to it vertically and horizontally, locally and internationally, will improve chances of success and innovation; I'm pretty sure. 

Suzanne: Tell us about you and what you will present on at OpenSIPs Summit.

Saúl:  I'm Saul, a Spaniard living in The Netherlands for a while now. I've worked with VoIP / RTC technology for over a decade now, in different parts of the stack. At this year's OpenSIPS Summit I'm going to be presenting the Jitsi Meet suite for multi-party video conferencing, along with a novel way for bringing it to the SIP world.

Suzanne: What are the top 5 key buzz terms in open source, unified, real-time and Internet communications that readers need to understand in 2017? 

Saúl: WebRTC, IoT, AI, Machine Learning, VR

Suzanne: What would you call our "industry?" VoIP, realtime communications, unified communications, communications, or what?

Saúl: Real Time Communications. (we are far from unified at the moment, but it has always been about real time)

Suzanne: What opportunities does Jitsi offer communications (using that for now) developers and entrepreneurs?

Saúl: It offers the opportunity to complement applications by adding video capabilities, without having to spend the effort of creating their own video platform. Our stack has been developed for years and is probably the most mature at the moment in the Open Source domain.

Suzanne: A good quality sip trunking and direct inward dialing service is a key component in a business's path to success. Each company really depends upon its service provider. DIDs have often been said to be going, going, gone soon, but with so many IoT, verification, marketing, and other business enabling services still somewhat dependent upon the voice call and the text as methods of data sharing, customer updates, identity verification and more...not any time soon gone. What makes the best SIP trunking solution, and why, in your opinion is the DID still a necessity? 

Saúl: I see the DID as a "gateway to the past" of sorts. It will still be relevant for a long while, but as someone who travels a lot I dread its use as a means to identify individuals. I'm not a different person just because I popped in a different SIM card! As for SIP trunking, my list of requirements wou
ld be: HD audio support, ENUM, no manual SIP proxy requirement (DNS should suffice), TLS, SRTP.


Why has Jitsi chosen OpenSIPs Summit

Saúl: I have personally been involved in the OpenSIPS project for while, and it's a great match to share our advancements in SIP interplay with the community.

Suzanne: Which social networks can readers follow and interact with you?

Saúl: They can reach out to me on twitter at @saghul and the Jitsi project at @jitsinews.

A complete set of conferences that our team at DIDX participates in is listed at with OpenSIPS Summit, ITEXPO, CommunicAsia, Cluecon and Kamailio World, being some of our favorites. Join us at OpenSIPS Summit in Amsterdam May 2 -5, 2017. It is rich with communications experts, demos, interactive experiences re: hot topics like webRTC, DID and SIP, modern stacks, scaling FreeSWITCHes, examples from Vonage, RTC threat intelligence, updates from Asterisk and OpensSIPS.

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