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VoIP and Coding Addicted OpenSIPs Founder Bogdan Iancu Insight

The most superb community builders are few and far between, and in the IP communications coding world, one of those few is Bogdan Iancu, founder of OpenSIPs. Meet him in person at Cluecon.com where Zoiper gal and guys will show how #BLF and SIP #presence works in front of FreeSWITCH. 

SIP setups where OpenSIPS acts as a front-end for a farm of class 5 servers are very popular because the architectures combine the best of both worlds: robust and optimized handling of SIP signaling with feature-rich class 5 softswitches.

I interviewed Bogdan Iancu, and I want to share his answers with you.

1. In a few words that would make sense to even my Dad or a newbie to open source development, what does your company do for its clientele?

Everything is about communication, or about transporting voice, person to person or in bulk fashion. Of course, transporting over IP networks (or Internet, for my Dad). Now, what we do exactly, is to help our customers to build system/service/platforms to allow such a communication. And we help them with knowledge or with product or solutions.

[So funny because I am always using the term Internet and not IP network or network. When I do, younger people around me say things like, "Don't call it that." What can I say? < Me, Suzanne]

2. What's the latest news of your company?
There is a bit of ambiguity here, when referring to the "company" - in most of the time I tend to think of the OpenSIPS project as the "company", instead of considering the commercial company. If we look at the commercial company, the latest news is about preparing a new generation of products to reflect the latest capabilities of OpenSIPS. We focus more on offering a more flexible and versatile Front End (or SBC) with a wide range of capabilities, from topology and security to billing and analytics.

3. What do you look forward to the most about Cluecon conferences?
As in each of the past 10 years, we will be attending (and sponsoring) ClueCon 2k17. Thanks to the wonderful organizer of this event, we will gather in Chicago among fellow VoIP enthusiasts and put our shoulders to the wheel in pushing things forward. After all, making things better (and learning about them) is the main purpose of ClueCon, isn’t it?

4. How is your company involved in the global open source community?
Well, OpenSIPS is an OSS and it is globally used, for global communication purposes :)

5. Does your company use a variety of open source platforms like FreeSWITCH, OpenSIPs, Kamailio and Asterisk and how?
Of course that OpenSIPS is our main pillar in all our platforms, but FreeSWITCH and Asterisk are also there whenever we need the media or classV support. And I have to admit we worked with Kamailio too....surprisingly, right ? :)

[I know you guys do, and that is the beauty of the open source IP communications community - collaboration! < Suzanne]

6. How can the IP communications industry participate in the opportunities of chatbots, Internet beacons, virtual assistants, AI, IoT, blockchain and/or crypto currency? Typically VoIp companies always thought VoIP is what they would do forever...by itself.
SIP (and its entire ecosystem of extensions and implementations) offer a reliable and powerful infrastructure for anything requiring communication or sessions over IP . And all those areas do rely on a communication under-layer. You can have IoT devices using SIP to talk to each other, to exchange data or share events. AI learning is based on interactions ; and interactions means communication.

7. What are the best social networks, websites, and forumsopensipslogo.bmp where people can learn from you, collaborate with you and do business with you?
In terms of business, LinkedIn is the best place for networking. In terms of OpenSIPS project, all social medias are in used. ***In order to build a communication software you need first to learn to communicate with people. Follow and / or join Bogdan Iancu on LinkedIN today.

***[One of the wisest statements I've read in a while.]

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