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February 2018

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How to be the #1 Managed Service Provider MSP

February 20, 2018

May I introduce you to SP Homerun Inc Chief Thought Leader Joshua Feinberg? He presented on the topic "How MSPs, Hosted and Cloud Providers Can Choose the Right Niches and Avoid Commodization" at ITEXPO 2018 in FT Lauderdale. He explained the differences among a VAR, MSP, collocation company and cloud service providers.

"The lines between them have never been blurrier," he says. 

Jeff Pulver to Present at ITEXPO 2018 BlockChain

February 2, 2018

Retro Jeff Pulver and friends from VON show 2007...see anyone you know?!

Jeff Pulver, who I can't help but follow every direction he takes because his name is one of the first I heard when I began playing with VoIP in the middle school classroom where I taught English, is known as the father of VoIP. He is chairman of several exciting startups and will present at the ITEXPO 2018 co-located BlockChain conference. He is chairman of Alchemist, a full-service blockchain advisory and investment company, specializing in token sales and end-to-end product development of blockchain applications. Alchemist, BTW, has been founders, advisors or investors in over 25 ICOs with a total market cap of over $80B, behind preeminent projects like Ethereum, tZERO, Lisk, Bancor and ZCash.

Can't wait to hear him and the other inspiring industry leaders like him during the Blockchain conference and all ITEXPO 2018 co-located conferences.

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