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March 2018

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Where is the Money in Communications Platform as a Service

March 13, 2018

How can today's wholesale carriers, operators and service providers meet the needs of those hanging on to PSTN and such while at the same time, meet the needs of those who have let go?

CPaaS is an acronym that is trending as big as "blockchain." Trends make us a little crazy wanting to get involved without really understanding how they work and what we can get out of them for ourselves and for our customers and other VIP.

We have to keep in mind the security matters for special customers like governments and medical institutions, the red tape in huge organizations and also the nimbleness of new mash-ups (as old as that word feels already today). How do you change the way your current and potential customer sees you...

Cloudonix CTO on How Contextual Communications Saves $ and Time

March 6, 2018

Eric Klein, Cloudonix COO and author of The One: A Cruise through the Solar System, is the contextual communications expert that I interviewed at ITEXPO 2018. Automatically, I thought this must have something to do with recognition of people’s tone and other nuances of voice that we use to understand each other’s communication… kind of like what James Tagg, ex-CTO of Truphone and founder of the Penrose Institute, Hacklands and Basic Intelligence Token (BIT) talked about at Cluecon 2017. When I asked Eric if my guess was correct, he responded with a description of use cases that includes the tech behind it and the way it makes solving customer service challenges big time.

He says, “We have one customer here in the USA that is running about 5 million devices on a very small footprint.

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