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August 2018

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Have You Reserved Your ITEXPO 2019 Booth and Sponsorship? #2

August 14, 2018

So excited to be back and share three more of the biz and tech expert types of people and businesses that typically participate in ITEXPO conference and expo! Expect representatives from companies and people like Vonage, Htek and of course, the TMCnet CEO Rich Tehrani.

Meet people like Norman Brandinger, R & D Architectural Development, Call Processing of Vonage. Endorsed for telecommunications, VoIP and SIP on Linkedin, he has received stellar recommendations such as:

"Working with Norman was an excellent and productive experience. His knowledge and skills when comes to OpenSIPS SIP server were at great value and contributed to a good turn out for the projects we worked together," says Bogdan Iancu, OpenSIPs founder.

Another review:
"Norm is a pleasure to work with, and is adept at analyzing problems and providing meaningful help and solutions.

Have You Reserved Your ITEXPO 2019 Booth and Sponsorship? #1

August 8, 2018

Practically every year since year 2000, one of my companies DIDx Inc has showcased services with an ITEXPO booth and given back to the IP communications community as some type of sponsor. We are hooked on the quality of presentations, the IDEA showcase, the way the event continues to include all the players in voice, video, security, data, AI, blockchain, and more. ITEXPO is the reason that many of us have experienced great success in sales, customer retention and vendor collaborations as well as knowledge sharing and rolling out new features and partnerships.

At the 2018 ITEXPO, we met some truly stellar people from highly respected companies that I'd like to highlight here with their 2018 accomplishments, and we know they will be back January 29 - February 1, 2019 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 

Telefonica's Espaņa Global Account Sales Guillermo Ulmos and his colleague discussed with us their impressive SMS coverage and ever-increasing quality and expansion or radioelectri spectrum.

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