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37 yrs in telecom, teaching, blog & grant writing, biz development, marketing, & PR. Favorite moments in life involve time w/ family & friends, networking, IP communications industry verticals & horizontals, running, traveling, foreign languages
| 1. "Focusing your life solely on making a buck shows a certain poverty of ambition..." Barack Obama ..... 2. "One of the sad signs of our times is that we have demonized those who produce, subsidized those who refuse to produce, and canonized those who complain." By Thomas Sowell

Have You Reserved Your ITEXPO 2019 Booth and Sponsorship? #2

So excited to be back and share three more of the biz and tech expert types of people and businesses that typically...

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Have You Reserved Your ITEXPO 2019 Booth and Sponsorship? #1

Practically every year since year 2000, one of my companies DIDx Inc has showcased services with an ITEXPO booth and given back...

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Internet Trends and the Impact on Enterprise Communications

You might be wondering why last week I wrote about the Cisco VNI and this week I’m writing about the Mary Meeker...

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Enterprise Data Traffic Trends

  The Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI) report is a great place to look for internet data trends.  I took a look...

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2018 Rhode Island Blockchain Summit Live Blog

About to start. The hashtag is #ribs2018.David Paolo Founder and CEO of G Media Studios kicks off the day - our MC....

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Edge Computing and the Impact on the Enterprise

Back in March, I wrote a blog on Edge Computing.  I received a few comments from readers, so I want to address...

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The Unique role of the Service Provider with a SmartHome

  As last week's blog described, a SmartHome is a complicated place today.  A service provider could tie all of these different...

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Have You Reserved Your ITEXPO 2019 Booth and Sponsorship? #2
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As an Introvert and a Lifelong Addicted Learner, I read open source telephony lists
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Telefónica Bought Jajah and Now Partners with Wikipedia
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China Mobile Adds Chine-Ease for International Roaming Via Extra DID
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3D and IPTV with or without Glasses
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Mobile and Wireless to Take over IP Communications
IP Communications Companies Looking for Project Manager?
IP Communications Solve Problems Faster
Will Friendster Trounce Facebook and MySpace?
How to Get Your Customers and Employees to Love You
SMBs Get Easy to Understand and Use FreedomIQ IP PBX
Heba Nawar, Woman in VoIP Today
Social Networking Members are the Producers, TelecomYou
Nigeria Scam? Nigeria Will Wow You
Gas is the New Little Guy Gone Big Plus Saudi Arabia VoIP
PTC's Q & A with Jeannie Diefenderfer, Verizon
Lleida Spain SMS Mobile Operator, Enters USA Market with Florida
VoIP and Gaming Make New Friends, Nintendo DSi Next?
Conference Participants Compete Vietnam Communications 2009
Why are Early-stage and Start-up R&D Performing Firms Leaving Canada
Apps Like Truphone Reduce Dependence on Transportation?
Podcasts Let you Market on MP3 Players
Spoiled on Working Every Other Where I Want
$24.99/month Vonage Offer Unlimited Calls to 60+ Countries Including India
VoIP Driving Expectation of HD Voice Standard
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IPsmarx's New Enhanced Direct DID Solution Version VI
Interview VoIP Historians, Haider on Aplio and Net2Phone
David Moodley of Infineon Shares 7 Myths about VoIP
Mosaic Hotel Beverly Hills May Soon Have DID from up to 60 Countries
4G Wireless Evolution Pairs with ITEXPO West Sept 1-3, 2009
Go Shopping with VoIP Coupons
Broadband's Effect on Rural Areas and Entrepreneurship
Telus Quickstart to Call Forwarding Definitions
So Apple Loves AT&T and Verizon?
First ever Social Media and VoIP Language Teaching Course
Allahwala and Vance on Increasing Innovation with Asterisk
Load Balancing an idea at Cluecon 2008, Reality 2009
Yameen at Cluecon
Tweens were the Market, but Now the INDYs
iViaWorld, B2B Travel Portal Uses SMS, VOIP, SIP
List of IP Communications Related Videos on Metacafe
Philippines' Cities Evaluated by Next Wave Cities
Musicians Interest VoIP Companies at Imagine Cup
Eavesdrop on Facebook Wall: iPhone or Nokia?
Cool to See Conferences Using Social Marketing Tools
Shoretel Gives a Free Unified Communications Handbook
165 Nokia Employees Move to Accenture Re: Symbian
Website Value Calculator
Linkedin Contact Export in CSV Available
Telcos Attempt to Buy Hawaiian Telecom out of Bankruptcy
Become a VISP with Customers who Trust You
CommunicaAsia, PTC, and ITCN Asia, Hottest Conferences in the East
Optimistic Tenor in Market Turmoil
Carl is Correct: Mobile Apps the Craze
Interview Podcast with David Mandelstam, CEO Sangoma
Didn't Realize Online Banking around since 1995
Taking Your IP Communications Invention Seriously
Comparing Hosted VoIP Solution Features and Prices, Check IPSmarx
Free Ground Shipping Sangoma Products at VoIP Supply
Are you the next Entrepreneurial Idol?
7.2 Billions of Dollars on Rural Stimulus
Private Industry and Educational Institution Collaborate on VoIP
Encryption with No Prior Shared Secrets
8x8 Freedom Unlimited Price Increase, Still Great Deal
Set of Printer Cartridges or Open Silicon Valley Forum?
Making your Website Accessible to Mobile Surfers
BlinkMind Video Conferencing Reviewed, Love it
Russian Government Buys 20% of Indian Telecom Provider
Apply for MySpace Vice President of Business Development
Mobile Excellence Awards 2009
Monetize your IP Communications for a Net School Group
We asked and answered
CommunicAsia 2009 Gone Extremely Mobile and Global
So Many Hits on the FreeSWITCH Post! Interest in HD Conferencing
Need a Marketing Guru for your IP Communications Co.?
FreeSWITCH™ always open
News from Perry Nalevka on Gvdialer for Google Voice
AT&T, FCC, Mobilink, Playboy and more at 4G Wireless 2009
EU to Force Wireless Carriers to Cell Phone VoIP?
Snom is Smokin' Hot!
Symbian Madness
Skuku and other Mobile VoIP Applications Avoid Roaming
ISPCON, Never Again?
Entrepreneurs + VoIP = New Niches
Who's Taking over UK's 087 DIDs?
What is the Universal Service Fund?
Dreaming of Being One of the 5000 List?
FYI, Moneybookers' Pay In Policy
Be Fair, Suzanne! Ok, so it's a Commercial, Sort of
ITEXPOs Mix IP Communications with Everything
Eavesdropping on Barcelona's 2009 GSMA Conference
Who Would Want to Use Quickbooks on a Blackberry?
Jon Arnold - Biggest Competition from Outside your Industry
Steven Johnson, President of inGate Up and Atom Like Me
Mobile Monday Peer Awards 2009 Finalists! Including Fring
Mobile Monday Peer Awards 2009 Finalists!
VoIP Dead or Alive with Sheryl Breuker and CALLiFLOWER
Lynda Starr, Member of Women in voIP on Facebook Speaks at ITEXPO
Educate Yourself with Guru John Todd at ISPCON
Meltwater Media Monitoring Service Review # 2
17th Annual India Convergence, Legalization of VoIP!
Modular Data Centers: Partnering with Universities and Municipalities
What will you do in 2009? Capitalize on ITEXPO 2009
Eavesdrop on IPiFony and FrogNet re: Leveraging Open Source
Want to Leverage ISP Email something like Yahoo and Google do?
Guangdong, China's Jessica Zhu and Vopromote at ISPCON
Zain Group CEO Beats Global Business Luminaries
Wireless Broadband: Conflict and Convergence
Reduce cell phone bill and get more calls from important people
Want to monetize IP communications with Ireland?
Teletimes International Magazine Interview at Gitex 2008
Save as much as 90% on global roaming: WorldSim at Gitex 2008
Highlight Good Vendors, Truth about the Bad
How Fring is Monetizing Mobile
Building and Monetizing the Open Mobile Economy
Yearly Tradition of Predicting Etisalat's Legalization of VoIP
Nike Pairs up with Your Mobile Phone
Comparison Matrix of 7 Mobile VoIP Apps
Making Sense of FCC Access Rules and Regulations
Android Developers Workshop at Mobile Internet World Boston
Yes! TringMe Makes the Top 200 startups of Asia on Red Herring
Interview with John Kenmuir of FaxSipit
GregBoehnlein at Astricon 2008 on Public Internet vs Private Network
Direct Inward Dialing, Not Termination is Where the $ is
Israel Incumbent Bezeq Files for VoIP Permit
Service Wins over Price - Rate your VENDOR!
Fonality and Dell? Interesting
Men and Women are Monetizing IP Communications
Virtualization of Servers Webcasts: Value, Disaster Preparedness
What Do Conferences Do Right and Wrong?
Voxitas' Elevator Speech at ITEXPO West 2008
Stephen Wu Shows How Time = $ and Gotvoice Saves it!
ITEXPO West 2008 Attendees Discuss voIP in Swahili
Unleash the Power of the Anywhere Network
DIDX Shares Video of Weiland Underground Party during ITEXPO West 2008
EFAX Blocks DID Portability
MCM Telecom's Daniel Reyes Wedding Party in Acapulco
Service Provider Compares IAX2 to SIP at ITEXPO West 2008
How do you define an IT professional?
Must Read Bootstrapping your Business
Bionic Arm, SSUE students including Ali Imtiaz
Suzanne Interviews Secretary of IT/Telecom Government Pakistan
Orgoo, All in One!
Zomma Mohiuddin, PTCL first in Pakistan with IPTV
Monetizing FWD
Free mobile roaming in 22 countries
USF funds and issues, quite global
Ethnocentricity De-$tizes IP Communcations...
TMC University and other ITEXPO West 2008 Educational Opps
Pilates Anyone?
Using IAX2 for your VoIP Business?
Update All Social Networks with Biz Message:
Hunter Newby and Effective Youtube Use
Jaxtr One-Number Dialing in India
Beware of the Jabberwocky: Chargebacks
Will ASUS Eee PC Laptop Replace My Purse?
Video Interview: Commetrex Gold Sponsor ITEXPO West 2008
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IP Com? Voice-fitness mash-up Samsung and Adidas

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