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Tien Soon. Law is the co-founder of Joget Workflow, an open source workflow managment system that is simple to use, with no license fees, and it supports many of mobile platforms even. He spemcializes in technical consulting. The group started this project about 19 months ago. Continue Reading...

Time Warp ... Well, One Hour's Worth

November 7, 2010 10:08 AM | 0 Comments
Robertson Davies, Canadian author

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In preparation for international business  teleconferences, as of today November 7, 2010, we will have to ask first; who observes this time saving and who does not? Whereas, we might have been '11 hours apart' in time yesterday; today we are 10 hours apart in 'time.'

Do we need daylight added to afternoon hours? Some Wikipedia contributors state and believe that "the practice has never been criticized."

But it has been criticized. For one, there may be a better way to add daylight to our days than the current method. Second, some complain of the inconvenience of changing clocks and getting used to a different sleep schedule.

But doesn't everyone today use only digital clocks on internet devices that automatically update as applicable? Oh, right, the watch is still a popular fashion accessory of the *GOD theorum, and we crave the good old days. The analog clock, the Cuckoo and other old-style clocks are collectors' pieces that we still actually use.

Another argument against DST: There is some evidence that auto accidents and pedestrian accidents increase while work efficiency decreases among those having a difficult time adjusting.

Do we need another hour of sleep? If we could have another hour, we could be more productive, right? Thanks to George Vernon Hudson (because of his disgust with Europeans who slept late into the day and who did not like his golf game being interrupted at dusk,) we get to experience that every autumn. Continue Reading...

Bravo, Verizon!

Verizon (NYSE: VZ) apparently realized that if it wants to attract more FiOS subscribers, not to mention keeping its current subscribers happy, it should not charge users $3.50 to pay their bill on line with a credit card.

On its Twitter account, Verizon spokesman Bill Kula says the company is going to "evaluate" the fee.

More at FierceTelecom...

I hope consumers and organizations see more of this from their service providers and vendors. It has always made me cringe when I knew that our company or any other company considers charging its customers for paying them money. I mean ... think about it. Continue Reading...

exerciseballofficechair.jpgI was discussing with a friend about different In-Country DID testing services. He recommends Global Telecom Testing.

I remember visiting this industry friend at their HQ about one mile from the Los Angeles airport and was intrigued by his exercise ball as his office chair. I have an exercise ball as my chair that I use sometimes in my office and do a few crunches here and there.

So I asked him, if he had any more tips. He replies, " We're doing pretty well over here. Continue Reading...

Let me introduce you to a friend in VoIP and wireless business in Kenya via his answers to a survey I sent out to many on Linkedin ... Willy Aoll, VP of Intellicom Group.

1) Question: Do you have any experience with using any kind of voice over internet? How about Skype? Any other?

Answer: Suzie, I not only use VOIP, I sell IP Telephony and Broadband Telephony [Voice Over Broadband (VoBB)].In addition I'm Cisco & Avaya Certified. I have deployed several Unified Communication Solutions to Mobile Network Operators, WISPs and Enterprises. Yes,I use Skype [willy.aoll] and I have just included in my Skype contact list. 

2) Question: Do you use Facebook or other social networking sites for business?

Answer: Yes, I use Facebook and have sent you a message requesting you to send me an INVITE.

3) Question: Do you use Twitter? If yes, let's follow each other there.
Continue Reading...

How we as IP communications companies deal with customer complaints can make or break our success as well as the "industry's." Many people switching from PSTN or other traditional communications to IP can be immediately turned off by the industry in general with just a few minutes of uppity, rude customer service responses or even worse, ignoring complaints.

Our company has been a member of the USA Better Business Bureau since 2004. We do this openly because we wish to be transparent, effective, satisfying as possible for our customers. We have had many complaints in-house and posted to BBB, but have managed to resolve all with a resulting A+ BBB rating throughout the years.

We're still not satisfied. We have an "I wish" button in the portal of for example, every DIDX member, and we have a presence in social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, blogs and Techistan where we are often confronted with complaints and issues by customers or competitors. Continue Reading...

RT @cloudvox we have dev help & custom pricing for migrating voice apps off of proprietary platforms or DIY. spending >$200/mo? mail support@ for a quote

... You can meet CloudVox, our DIDXchange including several hundred of our clients and vendors, and thousands of other IT, IP, etc. expertise at ITEXPO West October 4-6, 2010.

As a middle school instructor and grant writer for over 15 years, I had the challenging experience of teaching English, gifted studies, Introduction to Foreign Languages, Introduction to Mechanics for Girls, American History, Civics and Geography. 

All were enough to make me where I could not wait to awake each morning to go to work! Geography and Civics were two of my favorites, especially when I used Sim City as the basis, the focal point! So today class, let's talk about Romania. (Is this Charlie Brown's teacher? I hope not.)

Romania is usually on the list of every termination exchange, marketplace, and ecosystem. Our company's DIDXchange offers Romanian DID on wholesale rates even.

So what's to know about Romania and why would anyone want a Romanian phone number even if they do not physically live and work there? That is what I asked several Romanians, and here are the results, no changes made to the answers.

"About Romanian ex-pats - there are big communities in Spain, Italy , United States and Canada.   Smaller Romanian communities in France, UK, Ireland, Portugal , Germany, Austria.
I don't know of any big Romanian websites oriented towards ex-pats, but there are some big Romanian online communities (oriented towards general public):
Below a list (top) of Romanian blogs (I have no clue how positions in top are calculated):
 About technology blogs:
(taken from as well)
Some of these are blogs of different companies (such as )
Language - Romanian , but most of the urban population will understand English language

Culture - not sure what to say here ...     a good movie industry (they got some good prizes at Cannes, etc) , some good and not so good musical scene .

Ways of doing business:
-        inside Romania, local companies - probably not a very good market since everybody is struggling right now with the economic crisis , but nevertheless, lots of companies would probably appreciate a country wide presence

-        outside Romania, foreign companies doing business in Romania - they benefit from low costs and low taxation, but suffer from high bureaucracy, but if they already have a presence here, DIDx could just help them have a presence in cities they are not present in already

-        foreign companies just seeking customers in Romania -  DIDx could help them establish a virtual presence there.
Another interesting aspect: Romania has some big ports on the Black Sea :  Constanta and Agigea . Therefore, there are lots of shipping companies  (foreign and local) in these two cities. Continue Reading...

Who am I? We should all ask this.

August 17, 2010 7:35 AM | 0 Comments
So who am I? Let's get this straight, world. I am not a good salesperson. I never was. If I sold anything, it was by accident and because I knew someone really needed what I was wishing they would take.

I am, instead, a good and natural communicator, collaborator, idea person, mentor, trainer, and marketer. 

For example, just this last week, I brought in around nine new wholesale members to because together among me, them, and our DIDX Care Team, we were able to find out "their" needs and were able to help them find what they need using DIDXchange.

Another example ...
Continue Reading...
suzannebushwacker2004.jpgI didn't receive the MagicJack device yet, but did get the Nettalk new UNO. Waiting to get the MJ gadget first, so I can do a true comparison with videos, pics, charts, and text review mix.

Meanwhile, hey, the last 9 days of July and first 12 of August were FTL. I stopped to breathe for a second today and realized I haven't blogged on here in a while. Let me ask my thousands of wonderful IP communications related industry friends for one small favor.

Do you tweet? If yes, would you use Twitter to give your opinion on What is good social networking? But be sure to refer to the phrase #whatisgoodsocialnetworking. Continue Reading...

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