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reflect_mirror_light_communication.jpgListen to the podcast and/or read the transcript with a bit of information on "optical communications" and "intelligentization."

Questions and topics and the discussion results:

1. Would you tell us a little bit about yourself, your background?

Highlights of Jason Wang's reply: FiberHome International is a subsidiary of FiberHome Group which is responsible for the oversea market developments. I am responsible for the customer pre-sales and customer support ... also marketing development, network architecture and analysis. Continue Reading...

Linkedin is great for discussions, groups, and connecting with professionals you know and want to know,  but most of all, the recommendations feature shines above all other business/social networking platforms. Facebook is excellent because it enables us to get to know our potential and current business partners (vendors, friends, and customers). But being heavily involved in the telecommunications industry for the past 12 years, holds the promise for developing business with those you currently know well, but also the movers and shakers on the other side of the world that may seem out of your touch on platforms such as Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Digg, etc. 

Our company Super Technologies, Inc. and many 1000s of others who I talk with throughout the year have gained surprising successes via TelecomYou. Continue Reading...
MIAMI BEACH, FL - DECEMBER 03: Helen Brown loo...

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The title's a tongue twister for your practice.

I know it's cold when certain things add to the slight clutter on my work desk or netbook bag: gloves, scarf and Burt's Bees Beeswax lip balm with clove oil. The temp in Pensacola got as low as 31 degrees Fahrenheit this morning. Shivers ... brrrrrr.

Cloud computing is a change that businesses should embrace in 2011, especially in the midst of the freezing temperatures and snow in virgin territory. Continue Reading...

What I like about Odigo which is installed for example on and is that I can listen to news and blogs while I work on other things. If I am distracted, I just pause the news.

It's great for people who are blind or those who use English as a second language, too.
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docrequired.jpgOne of our members on DIDXchange made a wish for ... "if we could add a filter in the method of..."


The filter would be to avoid DIDs that require documentation or ID, please see the image attached.

Something like:

$NeedDocuments = 0 : All DIDs
$NeedDocuments = 1 : All DIDs with document requirements
$NeedDocuments = 2 : All DIDs with no document requirement

Our answer immediately:
We have made you a new function "getAvailableRatedDIDSbyCountryCodeAndDocs" which is exactly same as getAvailableRatedDIDSbyCountryCode, but with a difference that it has one more argument which is for document requirements.

The reason for not touching the already existed function is that this function is mostly used among customers and sometimes the change in the function arguments or return fields not acceptable by most API users.

Please test the function and let me know if it works for you well.

(So, we ask DIDX members to test it and let us know.)

*** Some governments requires certain documentation before a DID can be purchased. All DIDX members are required to take it as their responsibility to follow the law. See

Join the VIPeering Summit at ITEXPO West Oct. Continue Reading...

I needed a checkmark in a GDoc, but I noticed that WindDings is not in the font list. Bummer! A little research, for "special character for checkmarks hex input," and I found the answer: the character I want  is this ✔ which is Unicode 0x2714 - but far easier to copy-paste it into your doc where you want it.
When I learn something new, I want to share it with others. Some of you reading this will think, "Ah! She didn't know that???" 

But others will learn with me. Happy monetizing IP communications! Connect with me on Linkedin.

googlecurrencyconverter.jpgSave time, open Google browser, type "currency converter," and quickly get currency conversions. 

IP communications news in Honduras ...
- Millicom International Cellular (MIC) today announced that it has reached agreement with its local partner in Honduras, to gain 100% control of Celtel.
- Honduras DID voip phone numbers available on wholesale from the first and only Honduran company with an FCC-214 License. Some will say anyone can do that... but they didn't.
- During World Cup, Skype was offering free calls to countries participating during games. This applied to Mexico, Chile, Honduras, Uruguay, Paraguay, Spain, Brazil, Portugal and the United States.

Happy IP communications monetizing to all.

smime.p7s ... you might see on incoming emails from different senders. Sometimes when our company Super Technologies, Inc. is helping our wholesale clients to monetize IP communications, we see this. In fact, every time we receive an email from a government organization who is leveraging DID phone number service on wholesale level.

What is it?

S/MIME (Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) is a standard for public key encryption and signing of MIME data. See more at

dadnmom.jpgI was remembering my mother in the 60s when she would wet her hair, curl small areas and hair pin in place. When it dried and she combed it out, she looked like an angel. But hairpinning is a term in voice over Internet (IP communications). It is the process of returning a message from a beginning endpoint back in the direction it came from. Continue Reading...

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