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The Marketing Corporation has a plethora of business-enabling tools and opportunities. One of them is the huge audience of IP communications experts from every nation, the kind who use DIDX, Arbinet, VoipUsersConference, voip-info, Kamailio, Asterisk, freeSWITCH ...

Today I ask for advice for my friend, who is an advertising and marketing entrepreneur from Northwest Florida. Comment here or let me know on
Linkedin, Continue Reading...
Daily, I thank my Facebook and Linkedin networks as well as those I follow and those who follow me on Twitter. Why? So many reasons, but one of them is the fun blog posts they allow me after I get their permission.wink

So, here's the latest.

Ron V.: So you have the iPhone I take it? Have you jailbroken it?

Suzanne Bowen: No iPhone yet. We're publicizing the iPhone/iPad DevCon event for Sept. 2010 in San Diego though. We bought a few iPads for the company. One is trying to figure out how ... Continue Reading...

Blog content can come from the most surprising locations, people and incidents! This one ... of my husband on Facebook and a cacophony of voice services and instruments' ringing tones.

Michael Bowen has a story to tell. "So, there I was getting ready for work this morning (naturally, I'm running behind!), when I hear a ringing tone which definitely was not my Samsung cell, Suzanne Bowen's Droid cell, or our home phone (8x8). First thought was it was Syed Murtaza Saleem calling me via Skype (with a Virtualphoneline DID and a MyDivert DID ringing to it). Naah, he ... Continue Reading...

Let me Tell you about Zong

June 29, 2010 5:54 PM | 0 Comments

Yikes, I wish I had more time to share my experiences, knowledge, observations of best practices, and other items related to monetizing IP communications... before heading home for the day, I want share a memory of a great mobile phone service... 

Zong is the Tibetan word for county, referring both to the traditional government units and modern counties established by the People's Republic of China. It also is the name of a telecommunications service provider in Pakistan.

I used a Zong SIMM from China Mobile in my Nokia E61i during the month of August 2008 while participating in ... Continue Reading...

A friend of mine's Miami-based company was acquired by another, and now he works for them at quadruple the salary. Party anyone?wink 

He's a wizard at flash, Asterisk, php, etc. but just learning about the mobile world. After a discussion with him about this, he said, "Suzanne, you are an ex-English teacher with no computer or networking degrees, so you would be perfect to explain why wireless carriers are fighting for the same pieces of revenue and control of networks and what is making it so complicated? Also what are some ways carriers can make ... Continue Reading...

Books-A-Million CurlUP E-Reader?

April 23, 2010 11:26 AM | 0 Comments
booksamill.jpgDon't worry. You didn't miss a launch of a new cool electronic device. I was just imagining last weekend what another e-book reader might look like, so why not Books-A-Million? They gave $500 worth of books to students I taught in the 90s. And ... curlUP just sounds relaxing. BTW, I'm reading The Philosophy of Economics again. Another one I'm reading for the first time is Cheating Death. I fit reading in early in the morning.

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