Today's Wireless Networks Built for Tomorrow

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Today's Wireless Networks Built for Tomorrow

Wireless networks today are a far cry from what they used to be. Not only are coverage areas much wider, but their capacity and speed are such that they can deliver the multimedia services and applications that are the focus of developers -- those that service providers hope to leverage to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Having said that, there are still many areas of the world, including rural regions of developed markets like the U.S., that don't have adequate wireless network coverage. The reasons are many, including the cost to build out networks in those areas, combined with a comparatively low number of potential subscribers. There are also concerns about the ability to effectively adapt networks to meet future growth demands.


Alcatel-Lucent, with its extensive portfolio of wireless infrastructure products, which are specifically designed to meet today's requirements while providing an easy and cost effective migration path for the future, seeks to help carriers overcome these pain points, and has been chosen by a Minnesota-based wireless wholesaler who shares the same vision.


NewCore Wireless is looking to extend next generation communications service to rural areas by building out its own wireless network, which other mobile providers, ICOs (Independent Communications Operators) and CLECs can leverage to increase their ability to serve underserved communities. NewCore's hosted wireless business model makes it possible for these local and regional network operators to leverage next generation technologies, without having to bear the full cost of building out the infrastructures.


"NewCore Wireless focuses on helping communications service providers in rural areas of the U.S. to overcome the technical and financial barriers to offering advanced wireless services to their customers, a market often overlooked by larger service providers," said Jim Jech, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for NewCore.


NewCore is deploying a 3G UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) network, which will allow it to provide its customers the infrastructure they need to deliver next-generation services, including advanced multimedia, high-speed mobile broadband, video sharing, mobile Internet access, and any of the other mobile services that can be used with the latest generation of wireless devices.


Alcatel-Lucent's UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access Network (UTRAN), a multi-standard radio access solution, will allow NewCore to deliver this access technology via its customers, using network controllers, base stations, and its wireless network management system, along with its IP service routers to provide the transport solution. Alcatel-Lucent will be involved in this network expansion from start to finish, providing design, installation, management, training, and rollout and integration assistance to ensure the process is seamless and efficient for both NewCore and its customers -- and, ultimately, the end users.


But when you consider the rapid pace of development of wireless technology, among the greatest benefits for NewCore comes from Alcatel-Lucent's consideration of future needs. It already is well positioned as an LTE vendor ¬≠globally, including having been named as one of two key providers for Verizon Wireless' LTE buildout. This likely was a key consideration for NewCore. In order to ensure its own future revenues, it had to deploy a solution that would not only allow it to quickly roll out its services today, but one that can be easily scaled and transitioned to LTE as needed.


That's where Alcatel-Lucent's expertise shines. Its LTE model is one that not only delivers on the promise of next generation communications, but its Ultimate Wireless Broadband End-to-End LTE solution is one that offers a migration path from any 2G or 3G infrastructure, in addition to a broad range of ecosystem partners with device, application, and content expertise. 


Most wireless operators are still planning their future moves, and for them, as well as NewCore, a partnership that is based on building for the future makes sense. Alcatel-Lucent has designed its current wireless portfolio to support the transformation to all-IP, and to extend those capabilities with its LTE solution when the need arises. The key consideration is that the existing network, while equipped for today's users and services, will be easily transformed into the network of the future.

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