Network Providers and Partners: A Perfect Marriage

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Network Providers and Partners: A Perfect Marriage

Service providers looking  for a way to boost their business initiatives often have a balancing act to perform. They need to keep maintaining their investments and services while trying to keep costs down.


But it's not easy. Network providers are often challenged with maintaining a secure and productive network, while keep expenses low. So what's a network provider to do? One solution is to find a reliable partner.


According to an Alcatel-Lucent whitepaper, "it makes good business sense to consider an outsourcing partner that can address all the aspects of enterprise network management and transformation." The "ideal" partner will help evolve the network better than an enterprise do so at a lower cost.


There are certain attributes an outsourcing partner must have, including an extensive background as a network integrator. What's more the partner must understand network technology, network topology and enterprise communications and be familiar with enterprise networks and communications and in mobile and wireless networks, Alcatel-Lucent advised.


Why are partnerships so crucial when it comes to outsourced network management? The answer is simple. With a network outsourcing partner, a business can build a strong relationship that will help it lower costs and improve service. Not only that, but the partnership will let the business concentrate on products and customers.


"Business initiatives such as globalization, branch automation, workforce virtualization, and post-merger integration all hinge on the effective deployment and management of a secure and responsive network supporting communications and network applications," the whitepaper said.

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