LifeSize Joins Alcatel-Lucent Alliance and Application Partner Program

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LifeSize Joins Alcatel-Lucent Alliance and Application Partner Program

LifeSize Communications, a division of Logitech, and Alcatel-Lucent have partnered and the firm is now a member of the Alcatel-Lucent Alliance and Application Partner Program, or AAPP, to integrate LifeSize HD video solutions with the Alcatel-Lucent communications platforms.

AAPP supports companies that develop communications applications for Alcatel-Lucent enterprise solutions and today offers more than 100 certified applications and 300 registered companies in the AAPP, according to Alcatel-Lucent.

The partnership between the two companies enables high quality, immersive video communications with telephone-like features and ease of use for businesses of all sizes, company officials said.

In the beginning the companies will develop a solution that supports LifeSize HD audio and/or HD video calls within the Alcatel-Lucent telephony communications environment, extending features such as four-digit dialing and call handling, according to company sources.

The teaming also enables HD video collaboration between room-based LifeSize users and desktop-based Alcatel-Lucent OmniTouch 8660 My Teamwork Unified Conferencing and Collaboration users, they added

AAPP also allows the two companies to co-sell and co-market the combined solutions, they added.

"Integrating LifeSize high definition video conferencing with Alcatel-Lucent communications and collaboration platforms offers enterprise clients unsurpassed quality and flexibility for their communications network, assisting them to move to solutions that help make money and save money," Tom Burns, head of Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise activities, said in a statement.

According to Craig Malloy,CEO of LifeSize Communications, the partnership enables enterprise customers, government agencies and service providers to easily and effectively deploy HD video communications into their communications environment, as well as those of their customers.

"Seamless integration of HD video conferencing into enterprise telephony networks expands the accessibility of high quality, face-to-face communications to more knowledge workers throughout the organization. More accessible, more scalable and easy to use solutions will make video communications as widely used as the telephone," according to Malloy.

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