Open API Opens Doors, Drives Innovation

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Open API Opens Doors, Drives Innovation

By Susan Campbell

As technology in the telecommunications world has evolved over time, one of the key benefits of this movement is the ability of companies to work together, delivering rich services integration that improves overall network performance and extends a better experience for the end user.

Alcatel-Lucent can open a number of doors through Open API services as this platform is supported by a mediation environment that plays to the benefit of all those involved in the application value chain as they gain unique network assets, including location, presence and network address books.

Through Open API services, ACPs can deliver rich, mash-up services such as Agent511. This application is designed to enable public safety agencies to acquire real-time text, multimedia and location data from the mobile phone.

Cross-carrier location is immediately acquired so that first responders can be dispatched quickly to the scene. At the same time, AGENT511 is deploying self-service transportation and public works applications that match location to available resources.

Place Cast is another example as ShopAlerts' unique technology delivers tailored offers to individuals based on their location. Triggers for location are integrated into a brand's overall CRM program, also providing the ability to deliver personalized alerts to millions of consumers throughout thousands of stores in real-time.

The Open API service enables ShopAlerts to query an opt-in for the user's location, driving the delivery of the right content to the right person and the right location and time. The same concept applies for as personalization information based on Open API in an ecosystem environment delivers the solutions necessary to drive innovation.
In partnering with a company like Alcatel-Lucent to deliver Open API services, companies no longer have the operational burden of service development. It also creates an open environment for developers, content providers and advertisers. With such rich services delivered on the front-end, the user experience is enhanced and strong revenue growth is certain.

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