The Impact of Instant Access on Go-to-Market Strategies

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The Impact of Instant Access on Go-to-Market Strategies

In today's consumer-driven data consumption, quality in delivery is no longer enough to drive customer loyalty. Users now want instant access, full security and privacy all while demanding the ability to continually access services on any display at any time. Before network operators can bring anything to market, they must be able to meet all of these demands.

Massive content demands are only expected to increase and network operators must be able to deliver all services to mobile devices over a network that can handle the demand. To maintain quality and security, network providers must also be able to merge content and networks - a challenging task when the desire is to keep this change seamless for the user.

Alcatel-Lucent not only makes this possible, but also probable with its Multimedia Strategy. This approach can be incorporated into the network operator's strategy and will leverage the application enablement vision created by Alcatel-Lucent to allow network operators to open their networks in a secure and controlled method, thereby leveraging current assets without compromising proprietary information.

The Alcatel-Lucent strategy enables network operators to streamline operations by providing more direct access between different network layers. This direct access ensures end users are granted exactly what they want and when they want it, while also adhering to security and privacy needs.

At the same time, network operators can leverage this strategy and subsequent opportunities to partner with content providers through the enablement of advanced multimedia services that can be delivered across multiple devices. This is the growing demand among users and will have to be at the forefront of network operators' strategies in order to remain viable.

Taking advantage of the Alcatel-Lucent multimedia strategy enables network operators to leverage their own capabilities to create the open, flexible and robust foundation necessary to support rich, multimedia content experiences on any mobile data device. Such an approach can ensure go-to-market strategies are in line with revenue expectations and profit potentials.

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