Alcatel-Lucent Offers New HLN Website

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Alcatel-Lucent Offers New HLN Website

By Susan J. Campbell

Throughout the service provider industry, the main point of focus is to support the growing demands on the network. Consumers want more rich content all the time and service providers must be able to meet this demand or face quality problems and customer churn.

In this quest to provide customers what they need, service providers are completely re-thinking their business model. A strong network foundation is necessary to offer the differentiated service experience necessary to meet demand and maintain customer loyalty.

To empower service providers to maintain the architecture necessary to achieve the necessary performance level to thrive in this challenging market, Alcatel-Lucent has developed the High Leverage Network (HLN).

The HLN provides ubiquitous access to any application from anywhere and from any device with the quality they desire. In doing so, the service provider is able to seek a larger share of the wallet.  

Alcatel-Lucent had even more in mind in the development of the HLN than meeting capacity needs. This infrastructure also drives down overall costs and recommends the use of leading edge innovations in access, IP and optical technologies to support the move to an all-IP converged architecture.
In an effort to promote the benefits of the HLN, Alcatel-Lucent has launched the HLN website. This destination offers informative videos, key solutions, white papers, articles and more to provide insight into the benefits of the HLN and how Alcatel-Lucent can provide the value necessary to make the move to such an environment.

Visitors to the site can learn how to deliver new services to increase revenue while reducing costs; address the video and mobile Internet bandwidth explosion; and transform and simplify networks cost-effectively. The HLN website explores the possibilities with application enablement, the multi-screen experience, application-assured VPNs and the data service explosion.

The challenges facing service providers today will not disappear tomorrow. Content is in demand and those not providing what customers want will find their focus will have to shift to finding new customers rather than supporting the base.

With the HLN, the tools are already in place to drive the necessary transformation for success, service providers just have to take advantage of the opportunity. 

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