IP Transformation Enables Network Operators to Maximize Market Opportunities

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IP Transformation Enables Network Operators to Maximize Market Opportunities

The face of the market is changing drastically for the network operator and unless they are willing to change with it and evolve, they will miss out on important opportunities for growth, revenues, profit and even survival.

As a result, many are turning to IP transformation as a business enabler to improve operational efficiency and re-investment. With this transformation, network operators are working with key market players to increase bandwidth, improve indoor wireless network coverage and accelerate adoption of standards and open interoperable service delivery platforms (SDPs).

At the same time, network operators are effectively improving network device capabilities while decreasing costs. The demand put on the network to product quality content will only increase and they must be able to handle this increase to keep customers happy.

There are a number of different programs the network operator can take advantage of to enable a strong return on investment. Many of these opportunities include leveraging information captured on users to create new revenue streams and improve the experience for the user.

Dynamic digital signage connected through the LTE/4G network infrastructure allows for dynamic updates with new advertising content at any time. It will also monitor the presence of viewers and gather selective demographic information and stats.

e-Learning is a solution concept that will take learning beyond the four walls of the classroom and enable a ubiquitous learning experience. Enhanced mobile security allows mobile workers to access content and applications they need on the go - a huge demand in this mobile society.

The mobile enhanced reality to multi-screen with social sharing is a revenue generating opportunity to utilize the current network infrastructure to host new, creative and innovative advertisements.

These solution sets are just a sample of what the network operator can maximize through the ng connect created by Alcatel-Lucent. This program is designed to bring together infrastructure, device, application and content companies to create an end-to-end ecosystem for the benefit of the network operator.

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