Best Practices for Creating an Effective Advertising Ecosystem

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Best Practices for Creating an Effective Advertising Ecosystem

By Susan J. Campbell

Network providers are facing a whole new set of obstacles as consumers are demanding more from the network, but want to pay less for what they receive. Much of this demand includes rich content - much of it video - that strains the network infrastructure and presents new challenges for survival.

On the flip side, those network providers who can meet this growing demand will find much loyalty from their customers. They will also find that they can easily drive new revenue streams, generate demand for new services and even charge a premium when they achieve differentiation.
The question for many of these network providers is how to achieve this level without working themselves out of the game in the process. The answer is in personalization that is privacy protected.

Customers today want more than just information - they want personalized information. They will not, however, trade that personalization for a lack of privacy. As long as the network provider delivers an environment where the user is assured their privacy is not at risk, they will provide information back to the provider, as well as its advertising partners.

The network provider can leverage this information to deliver personalized content. Likewise, mobile advertisers can personalize ads. As the customer has to opt in for such services, they will not only expect it - they will demand it. The best way for network providers to leverage this opportunity is to understand what consumers want and act on it.

It is also important for network providers to understand the wants and needs of the advertisers. Overall, mobile advertisers want a strong ROI that traditional media outlets can no longer deliver. They want measurable performance in their ad campaigns and mobile advertising is one of the best ways to achieve it.

To achieve effectiveness in the advertising ecosystem, the network provider has to delicately manage both sides of the play. In doing so, they provide consumers with what they want and advertisers with what they need. In the end, the network operator protects the base and drives new revenue - a truly effective approach to business.

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