Digital Advertising Creates New Revenue Opportunities for Network Providers

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Digital Advertising Creates New Revenue Opportunities for Network Providers

By Susan J. Campbell
As the game is constantly changing for network providers, one of the biggest challenges they face is to keep customers happy while also driving strong streams of revenue. Consumers are demanding new and better content on multiple devices and network providers are under constant pressure to deliver on quality.

The good news is there are ways to capitalized on this opportunity of new consumer demands. Consumers today want personalized, location-based information. In order to get that information and content, they must be able to provide information back to the network provider and subsequent partners.

If that information can be captured and used to deliver personalized and contextually aware ads, network providers can reap the benefits of providing information and a connection to the subscriber.

The customer has to opt in for such services and ads, of course, but the demand for such unique and personal experiences is far surpassing any fears over privacy issues. Keep in mind, network providers still have to protect privacy, but consumers are trusting that they are following the rules.

The navigate this new opportunity field, network providers must understand what advertisers want and what consumers want. A perfect balance of the two can ensure the network provider maximizes the opportunity, while also keeping all players happy.

So, what do advertisers want? In short, they want a strong ROI that traditional media can no longer deliver. They are now turning to digital advertising to bolster opportunities. When it is done correctly, digital advertising can reach mass audiences, while also delivering personalization and response measurements on the campaign. 
For consumers, they want relevant and engaging experiences. To better understand exactly what this means, Alcatel-Lucent conducted extensive research in 2009 and found that consumers want ads that are personal; they want control over what they share and how much; and they want it to be interactive.

To accomplish satisfying demands on both sides, network providers can partner with advertisers in digital markets with permission-based campaigns. When these opportunities are extended to all screens, consumers are reached in all areas and revenue is maximized in multiple channels.


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