How IP Transformation and My IC Phone Benefits the Hospitality Market

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How IP Transformation and My IC Phone Benefits the Hospitality Market

By Susan J. Campbell
If you think about the hospitality market, the key focus is to create the most optimal experience for the customer. It doesn't matter if the experience has to do with a room, food, service, communications or scheduling an event, the customer must feel like they are the most important person ever to walk into the establishment.

Now that more and more companies - including those operating in the hospitality market - are moving to an "all-IP" environment, the opportunity to enhance the customer experience has expanded to connectivity. With the "My IC Phone" from Alcatel-Lucent, customers gain access to reliable, fast and convenient access to multimedia communications capabilities. 
This new solution is designed to revolutionize the desk phone in order to create and deliver personalized mashups or industry-tailored applications. The business traveler can take advantage of an open platform and a new interface that utilizes multi-touch display, Bluetooth and USB support. To appeal to those bent on "green" technology, the My IC Phone meets EU green standards that include low power consumption, long life and an online manual.

Any hospitality property can leverage new and existing applications and capabilities to personalize the experience for the customer. Full Unified Communications integration ensures the customers can gain access to the applications and services he or she needs to get their work done efficiently.

With the open platform of the My IC Phone, developers are able to tailor specific applications for the hospitality industry. For the leisure traveler interested in visiting a number of different destination while staying at a hotel can receive personalized information on each location, as well as recommendations based on preferences.

For the individual wanting to manage his or her time while on the road, the My IC Phone can be setup according to specific needs or requirements to enable the better management of all communication tasks while staying on the property. As more applications become available, the experience will be enhanced for all hospitality users.

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