Using Managed Services to Improve Competitiveness

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Using Managed Services to Improve Competitiveness

By Susan J. Campbell

In a world where consumers continue to demand more from their network providers, those who are able to deliver on these demands will find they can thrive. Merely wanting to achieve this level is not nearly enough to make it happen, however, and key strategies must be in place to drive the Quality of Service (QoS) to deliver the optimal Quality of Experience (QoE).

For many a network operator, QoS and QoE are accomplished by implementing a managed services platform to maximize carried traffic with minimum network infrastructure. It may seem like a contradiction in terms, but if you sit back and take the entire situation into consideration - network operators want to effectively compete, but they don't want to add to their infrastructure.

This is where managed services can deliver what is needed. A company like Alcatel-Lucent provides the tools for constant monitoring, advanced problem detection, extensive diagnostic capability and vendor-independent traffic controls, capacity planning and service-level management. Why does this appeal to the network operator? It frees them up to do what they do best - provide excellent services.

In simple terms, consumers don't care how the service provider delivers the rich, personalized content they receive; they only care that they receive it. At the same time, consumers don't want to pay more than their friends do for the same service and they don't want poor quality service.

When a network operator can rely on a proven provider to ensure the consistency and quality of their service, they can meet the consumer's expectations in QoS and QoE and stand out among the crowd. The industry is already full of too many competitors and as consumer demands continue to intensify, it is only those providers who can keep up that will survive.

In today's "click and go" world, consumers can too easily switch providers to one they view delivers better quality service. Those providers relying on managed services to perform as demanded are better positioned to meet consumer needs now so they can count on a profitable future.

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