How Can You Reduce OSS/BSS by Choosing the Right Network Integration Partner

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How Can You Reduce OSS/BSS by Choosing the Right Network Integration Partner

By Susan J. Campbell

The rules of the game are changing for the network operator, demanding the selection of an integration partner. This is not only a challenging task, but also an important one as making the right choice can help to reduce OSS/BSS.

In fact, without the help of an experienced managed service partner, the network operator cannot begin to enjoy the benefits in today's business models. With the right partner in place, the network operator can be assured success in new projects and that their strategic initiatives will remain a priority.

To reduce OSS/BSS, the network operator must first select the right partner. The first step is to ensure the potential partner has global references that support claims of industry-leading experience. The partner must also have a comprehensive and demonstrable knowledge of networks and best practices.

The partner must have the full support of its corporation, as well as access to its resources. A proven record of delivering low-risk, high-benefit solutions can demonstrate the partner's ability to help achieve the desired OSS/BSS levels. This ensures the operator can offload operational and technological risk.

A flexible business model is important for this partner as it helps to speed time to market and deliver enhanced customer support. OSS/BSS can be effectively reduced when the partner has strategically placed global network operations centers and delivery platforms.

It is important for the network operator to keep in mind that the desired benefits cannot be achieved if the partner cannot demonstrate ownership of its promoted programs. Clear accountability through service and performance metrics must be in place, as well as business-driven key-performance indicators.

Finally, OSS/BSS can only be reduced when the network integration partner can boast quantifiable operations efficiency. The elimination of silos and the ability to streamline processes is essential in the delivery of business benefits in a number of different business models.

The key to success in today's market is in examining the business strategy in the context of pressing imperatives and the potential of emerging business outsourcing models to address these imperatives. Harnessing new models through effective business partners reduces OSS/BSS to achieve the optimal outlook in a dynamic market.


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