IP-Enabled Energy Distribution: Using Smart Utilities to Drive Eco-Efficiencies

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IP-Enabled Energy Distribution: Using Smart Utilities to Drive Eco-Efficiencies

By Susan J. Campbell

While a priority focus on environmentally friendly initiatives began some years ago, it wasn't until the concept of "going green" emerged that companies and consumers alike began examining ways to drive system implementations that would deliver sustainable improvements over energy consumption.

This is a growing focus in the utilities sector as utility companies are exploring opportunities to allow consumers to partner with them to help control the amount of energy consumed in any given time frame and by any device or building. Much of this focus has led to the smart grid and Alcatel-Lucent continues to explore opportunities to use smart utilities that will drive eco-efficiencies.

According to a the white paper, "Smart Services: Eco-Sustainable Opportunities for Telecom Operators" developed on behalf of Alcatel-Lucent, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) collaboration is vital for helping other industries to achieve their carbon footprint goals.

GeSI estimates that the involvement of ICT in these industries by 2020 will help to deliver cost avoidance savings that will reach as high as $946.5 billion by reducing consumption of electricity and fuel. To do so, IP-based telecom networks must be the next-generation backbone of these and other industries.

What has become known as "smart services" are increasingly being deployed to meet consumer and environmental demands, while also striving to comply with public safety and regulatory requirements. Changes in end-user consumption patterns will be possible through fixed and mobile broadband access, personal commuting and device connectivity.

Smart buildings, smart collaboration, smart utilities and smart transportation will all play a role in combining ICT with smart initiatives that will reduce power and energy consumption and develop an environment that preserves key elements for the future. The business opportunities are vast and partnerships can help turn these opportunities into profitable ventures that benefit all.

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