New Alcatel-Lucent Book Outlines Opportunities in Intelligent Networks, Web 2.0

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New Alcatel-Lucent Book Outlines Opportunities in Intelligent Networks, Web 2.0

By Susan J. Campbell

To better understand how the emerging ecosystem of service providers, developers, advertisers consumers and business users can benefit from smarter platforms, time to check out the latest release from Alcatel-Lucent.

This innovative companies has published a new book, "The Shift: The Evolving Market, Players and Business Models in a 2.0 World," that focuses on the $100 billion market opportunity within the United States alone.  

The core message contained in this new publication is the rapid pace in which consumer technology is adopted and its impact on service providers, application developers, enterprises, content providers and handset manufacturers. Each one is scrambling to meet the increasing demand for bandwidth as all users want real-time access anywhere and from any device.

According to Allison Cerra, head of marketing for Alcatel-Lucent Americas, the book is written to specifically outline the additional value is added to the ecosystem when service providers make intelligent network capabilities available.

By adopting an approach where consumers have control over their experience, developers have access to enhanced capabilities and service providers can monetize their investments to fuel future innovation, everyone wins.

Marshall Kirkpatrick of ReadWriteWeb, who provided the foreword for the Alcatel-Lucent publication, refers to the book as a good and thorough analysis of how and why intelligent and instrument networks prove to be a valuable foundation for a whole new world of online innovation.

In its research, Alcatel-Lucent has demonstrated that consumers, developers, enterprises and even vertical markets are willing to pay for network-based features, especially those that incorporate network-based intelligence. In addition, more than one third of U.S. advertisers would use network services that enable them to deliver ads across social media sites based on user interests and behaviors.

The market opportunity is there and ready to explode; Alcatel-Lucent outlines how all sides can win through innovation.

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